AT Kearney Group Enjoyed Beach Activities

AT Kearney Group Enjoyed Beach Activities

AT Kearney Group Enjoyed Water Sport and Beach Activities

A.T. Kearney Pte Ltd is an American global management consulting firm and has appointed Bali Group Organizer to arrange the beach activities. We have taken them to enjoy the fantastic water sport and beach activities. Parts of group participant have taken a turtle island tour using a glass bottom boat to discover the turtle conservation. Meanwhile, the other participants have enjoyed water sport activities such as Jet Ski, sea walker, banana boat ride, and donuts ride. They have enjoyed thus activities during their incentive trip to Bali and come with 60 people. Mr. Calvin Lim is a leader of this group and he has worked out with Ketut – event director of Bali Group Organizer to arrange this fantastic activity. By this occasion, we can use this group experience as a group references in 2018. And also, you can discover other group references HERE.

Beach Games for A.T. Kearney Group

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There are some water sport activities can be combined with the challenge of games such as Jet Ski, Banana Boat Ride, and Sea Walker. We have exclusively designed the beach games for A.T. Kearney Group and divided them into several small teams to get the same access. It took them into the fantastic experienced to enjoy both games and water sport activities. And also, we have drawn the assessment for each game into our scoreboard to determine the group winner.

A.T. Kearney Group Experience on Beach Activities

The day of their activities is a clear day despite a bit low tide when the group arrival. However, we can still play games on the water with several choices of activities. Meanwhile, the seawater comes up slowly and made them more enthusiasts on beach activities. After game over, we drop them back to the hotel safely.

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