Prices and Management Fees Policy

Bali Group Organizer - Price and Management Fee

Bali Group Organizer is a legal and reliable event organizer company in Bali provides the excellent services of group arrangements with competitive and reasonable group rates. This policy is guiding our customer on prices deal with us to avoid misunderstand in terms of payments. Please ensure that you fully understand about our price policy and please feel free to contact our teams should you have any further questions.  

Prices and Management Fees Policy


  • Bali Group Organizer offers the group rates in the following currencies:
    • Indonesia Rupiah (Rp)
    • American Dollar (US$)
  • Bali Group Organizer might offer other currency rates based on customer request in frame of currency accepted in Indonesia market
  • All foreign currencies will be converted into Indonesian Rupiah based on the exchange rate on the date of transaction or invoice
  • Bali Group Organizer can accept several foreign currencies that has been notified on Payment Policy
  • We only accept the foreign currency especially for American Dollar according to Indonesian Market Acceptance rules that will be notified on the transaction made
  • The additional tax and services charge might be added on our prices depended on our vendors/partner rate offers or bank administration rules or customer’s company rules.
  • The inclusions of our prices are subject to the group proposal or booking confirmations.
  • Any additional charges behind of our proposal/confirmations are subject to accidental prices that the customers must settle it.
  • All rates offered by Bali Group Organizer are subject to change without prior notice  

Management Fees

  • The management fees are the absolutely added on the proposal of group arrangements as what the other event organizers have done, but Bali Group Organizer offers the exclusive of management fee those has been included on the price offers.
  • All prices are offered by Bali Group Organizer have included the management fees except any business circumstance then the management fee will be added
    When the additional management fees are charged to our clients, it will be notified on our confirmation or invoices
  • Nominal of management fees are subject to both agreements between customer and Bali Group Organizer
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