Corporate Social Responsibility – CSR

Corporate Social Responsibility – CSR

Bali CSR or Bali Corporate Social Responsibility is a new trend of group travelers to go for charity program. This social activities is a right way to do when traveling to Bali as a company/organization’s responsibility against the social environment. CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is a form of company or organization sense of responsibilities toward the environments and local communities where the company is located. This activity is also able to be executed at the time of road shows, meetings, seminars, conferences, incentive even though holiday trips. This is a social activity that can be attributed to the company culture or the social services to the local communities. As a leading event planner, Bali Group Organizer is delighted to arrange CSR Programs to the local communities in this island with the solutions to facilitate your social activities on your trip to Bali.

Bali CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and Bali Charity Program

Our Corporate Social Responsibilitybali, csr, corporate social responsibility, activities, programs, bali csr, csr programs, csr activities, charity, bicycle construction, charity programs (CSR) Programs are designed based on tailor made customizing to your company cultures, social objectiveness, targeted assistance, environmentally sustainable manner or any other ideas that will be welcomed. We will organize your CSR programs to facilitate you to implement your social activities in this island and assist you spoil your time to discover the right venues, local communities or any targeted assistance. We are also provide the charity programs that will assist you social activities in this island direct to the proper people who eligible receive your aid, orphanages, disabilities people, homeless etc. Ensure, your donate on charity program is worth for orphanage or peperty people.

Our Service

Pre-Program Assignment

  • Pre-survey or inspection site to get the proper aim targeted or venues for social activities
  • Co-meeting with respective community leader
  • Arrange the paperwork to get official permit from the respective local community leader or appointed person/department
  • Appointing venues based on aim targeted

Program Assignments

  • Assign program layout
  • Determining the event budget

Logistical Arrangements

  • Purchasing all logistical aims, tools and other support materials
  • Delivery logistical aim to the aim targeted
  • Delivery logistical for all group participants including local supporter
  • Distributing the logistical aim

Other Services

  • Transportation for participants from and to social activity venues
  • Accommodation arrangement for participant


Another Services

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