Frequently Ask Question About Bali Group Organizer

Frequently Ask Question About Bali Group Organizer

Bali Group Organizer is proud to provide the Frequently Ask and Question that will assist our clients to restore their doubt about our company. This Frequently Ask and Question (FAQ) will be your representative of questions that most clients ask to us and it is also guide you to discover the right and official answer from our company.

Questions and Answers

  1. Who is Bali Group Organizer?
    Answer: Bali Group Organizer is a reliable event organizer based in Bali provides comprehensive ranges of group event arrangements includes meetings, conferences, incentive, outbound, teambuilding, education trips, golf tournaments, exhibitions, tours, adventures, sport events, dinner functions, entertainments and all about group activities. Our company has been well establish who have good credit and reputable to arrange group events in Bali as well as other regions in Indonesia. We offer one stop shopping of group events and perform the excellent work, professional handling and on time which is supported by well trained and experienced teams.

  2. Why should I choose Bali Group Organizer to arrange my group events?
    Answer: Bali Group Organizer is your one stop event organizer provides complete group event arrangements supported by well dedicated and professional teams who have long experiences on travels and MICE projects. We have high commitment of guest satisfaction with best quality services to perform the excellent work on every group events. We also proud that all activities provided are covered by insurance.

  3. How long Bali Group Organizer engage in this field?
    Answer: Our Company has been established since 1998 and has many clients from over the world to handle the client’s request from various companies.

  4. Who are the clients handled by Bali Group Organizer?
    Answer: You can discover the list of our client who has worked with us at Our Group References. Our clients have come from well establish companies, State Owned Enterprises, governments and private companies or organization.   
  5. How does the Bali Group Organizer work?
    Answer: when we receive your group request, our teams immediately review and understudy your request as well as plan the workout. We collect all data and put into Request For Proposal (RFP) and send it to our client immediately. Once it is confirmed, we immediate to implement all projects that were assigned on the confirmation until realize the group event on the respective date. Final review of work will complete our process.

  6. Is Bali Group Organizer the Real Event Organizer?
    Answer: YES. We are real event organizer where all works done by our teams

  7. Is Bali Group Organizer work with other vendors?
    Answer: YES. All event organizers will work with other suppliers or vendors to support the group arrangements but Bali Group Organizer has limit and selected to use other vendors or suppliers due to most of them has available at our side.

  8. How and When to Book a Group?
    Answer: It is very simple way to do it. Just click Contact Us menu on the top of our website and fill the form completely. For more detail, you can discover our Group Booking Policy here.

  9. How about the method of payment that Bali Group Organizer offered?
    Answer: Group Invoice Settlement (GIS) must be paid in advance before the group event date. For more details, you can discover our Payment Policy here.  
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