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Group References – The Story of Bali Group Organizer as Event Planner

Group References are representing our experience in group services handling since our company is founded. We are a credible and reliable event organizer in Bali and we have experience serving some bonafide corporate companies or organizations in the last decade successfully. It has indicated that our customers have trusted and the right to choose Bali Group Organizer as an event organizer for their group events in Bali. We have much-talented personnel in our teams who have performed high-quality work with excellent and satisfactory results and restored the customer’s doubt against our position. Seeing from our experiences that we are fully confident to accept, deal and serve more and more group events for the years to come and we trust that you are one of them.

Our Bali Group References

Suvarna Sutera Group on Garden Team Building and Rafting

Suvarna Sutera Group conducts garden team-building activities with exciting games to build strong and solid teamwork. They carried out this activity in the context of their incentive journey in 2020. A program that ran exciting with a challenging and exciting game. Moreover, the rafting adventure on the Ayung river with its beautiful natural scenery closes the excitement of their stories. Furthermore…

World Bank Group Enjoyed VW Safari Treasure Hunt

uluwatu group tour, world bank group tour

World Bank Group has joined in an exciting team-building activity using a VW Safari car. This activity took place smoothly by exploring the nature of Uluwatu with our team. We provide several challenges on the team building agenda and everything works. Besides that, this trip has brought them into the experience of safari using an old car to enjoy the beautiful nature of Uluwatu. Furthermore…

Sage Capital Group VW Safari Tanah Lot Blessing

sage capital, sage capital group, bali team building

This is an interesting and unique experience. Sage Capital Group has joined in building team activities using classic vehicles from the legendary Volkswagen brand. Their journey explored the beautiful countryside, and green rice fields and visited famous tourist attractions. Tanah Lot was the last place they visited with a mission of blessing ritual led directly by the Hindu priest. Furthermore…

Expedia Group Beach Team Building Experience

expedia group, fun beach activity

Expedia Group is a well-known travel company in the world and came to Bali with 21 participants for the purpose of incentive meetings. However, they have joined our team-building program on the sidelines of their meeting agenda. For this reason, we have provided exciting beach team-building activities to build togetherness and strong teamwork. This activity is carried out on the beautiful white sand beach of Nusa Dua. Furthermore…

Werfen Group Meeting and Social Tour

werfen group, werfen group meeting, bali group meeting

Werfen Group is a group of private companies as leaders in diagnostic in Vitro (IVD) in the world and comes to Bali for incentive activities. They came with 58 participants from various countries in a series of incentive agendas including meetings, social tours, and gala dinners. Meanwhile, we feel proud to have been trusted to design several events and provide event support. So, all of their meeting’s agenda could run smoothly. Furthermore…

Prudential Malaysia Group Culture and Environment Team Building

bali vw safari start, prudential malaysia group

Prudential Malaysia Group is a participant from an international insurance company based in Malaysia that has come to Bali for incentive activities. They came with 250 participants and did offsite activities with fun and unique team building. We provide team-building with the concept of learning the culture and the environment while exploring the countryside. This unique activity uses a legendary Volkswagen vehicle and visits famous tourist attractions. Furthermore…

The fun of NAOS Group in the Beach Team Building

stepping mat game, naos group, beach team building

NAOS Group joined in the beach team-building activities after their meeting agenda ended. This activity was carried out in the beach area of the Conrad Hotel for 2 hours. They came with 21 participants and all were very enthusiastic, so this activity went very exciting. Likewise, our experienced game masters have guided this activity to success. This activity is very useful for building strong teamwork. Likewise, this can build good communication so that it can reach its goals easily. Furthermore…

Cohive Group Experience on Bali VW Safari Treasure Hunt and Rafting Adventure

cohive group, bali vw safari treasure hunt

The Cohive Group is our customers who have joined team-building activities on their incentive visit to Bali. They came with 18 participants from Indonesia and South Korea who had enjoyed the sensational team-building activities. We have designed a unique activity to go on a safari to the countryside and end with a rafting adventure. It is truly an extraordinary experience to explore pure nature and visit other interesting places. Furthermore…

Lundbeck Group ATV and Cycling Treasure Hunt

lundbeck group, atv ride adventure

This is an exciting experience with Lundbeck Group which enjoys 2 choices of team-building activities. This is because we provide opportunities for participants to choose adventure activities that they like in their outdoor activities. However, all activities have the same mission to search for hidden treasures along the ATV or cycling trail. Each adventure has given its own challenges and everything went exciting. Furthermore…

Glory Global Solution Enjoy VW Safari Uluwatu Trip and Dinner

glory global solutions, bali vw safari treasure hunt

Glory Global Solutions is one of our customers who has joined team-building activities with all their management staff. We have designed special activities using legendary vehicles from Volkswagen to explore the nature of Uluwatu, watch the Kecak dance and have dinner at Jimbaran. So, this activity is an exciting team-building activity to bring them to a sensation of safari in a VW car. Furthermore…

Edenred Group VW Safari Treasure Hunt – Uluwatu Expedition

edenred group, vw safari tour, vw safari treasure hunt, treasure hunt games

Edenred Group has joined in the most fantastic building team activities in Bali with 32 participants from various countries. Furthermore, this activity was held for the purpose of their business trip to the island of Bali. Meanwhile, they have taken part in our building team with the theme VW Safari Treasure Hunt – Uluwatu Expedition. This is an exciting team-building activity by driving a Volkswagen vehicle to explore Bali’s nature and end at Uluwatu. Learn more.

Jacqui Terrance Family Group Experience Team Building

jacqui, terrance, family group, bali hotel team building

We have provided team-building services for the Jacqui Terrance family group at Le Meriden Hotel Bali. This activity was fun and involved all participants including children. Furthermore, the activities of the build team in the hotel are exciting activities to build strong teamwork. Meanwhile, this family organizes this activity in celebration of their wedding anniversary on the island of the gods. Learn more.

Lalamove Group Bali Villa Team Building

lalamove, lalamove group, bali team building, villa team building

This amazing experience provides team building in a private villa with a variety of interesting and challenging games. Lalamove is one of our customers who has used our services for this activity at the villa where they stayed. Furthermore, we have designed this villa team-building activity perfectly to invite all participants to be involved in this activity. Undoubtedly, all participants are eager to win the game with full struggle. Learn more.

Smiths Detection Group Uluwatu Tour Experience

smiths detection, group tour, gwk tour, garuda wisnu kencana

Smiths Detection is one of our customers who join Uluwatu Tour activities on the sidelines of their incentive event in Bali. They came from various countries in Asia-Pacific to Bali for internal meetings. Furthermore, they have appointed us to provide tour services to famous tourist attractions on the island of the gods. Meanwhile, this tour is to fill out their off-site activities and we take them to visit GWK and Uluwatu Temple. Learn more.

AB Food and Beverage Thailand – VW Safari Tanah Lot Expedition

ab food and beverage, bali vw safari, vw safari treasure hunt, team building

Our customers from AB Food and Beverages Thailand Ltd and their 32 marketing personnel have joined our unique team-building activities. Furthermore, we have designed this activity perfectly to take them into exciting activities using the legendary Volkswagen vehicle. Meanwhile, the theme this time is the Bali VW Safari Treasure Hunt – Tanah Lot Expedition. This is truly an event full of fun and exploring Bali’s beautiful nature. We convoy together to penetrate the crowded city and enter beautiful villages while enjoying the amazing scenery. Learn more.

Egon Zehnder Experience on Bali Incentive Trip

bali village vw safari, vw safari treasure hunt, team building, egon zehnder

Egon Zehnder Group along with 30 participants visited Bali for their incentive trip. This time, they have appointed Bali Group Organizer as one of the event planners to design their agenda on the island of the Gods. Furthermore, we have provided the best service for them with exciting activities. And even, team-building events that are very impressive for them. In addition, they conduct corporate events in Bali for 2 nights and three days. Also, all the programs have been going smoothly and successfully. Learn more.

Telkom HCOE Jakarta on Uluwatu VW Safari Tour

Telkom HCOE Jakarta together with 38 participants has joined the VW Safari Tour Uluwatu Expedition. This is an amazing experience to explore nature in the peninsula of Bali. Furthermore, this event was one of the agendas of their business trip to Bali after holding a meeting. Besides that, we designed the event perfectly using a legendary Volkswagen car. So, this is a classic tour to explore interesting places and pass beautiful landscapes. Also, they visited interesting places such as GWK, Pandawa Beach, a coffee plantation and Uluwatu. Learn more.

PT Weebz Mandiri Experience Bali Incentive Trip

weebz mandiri, weebz mandiri group, bali incentive trip

PT Weebz Mandiri along with a group of 33 people have taken an incentive trip to Bali in February 2019. More travel this year is more impressive with the selection of accommodation in Ubud. This is in line with its outdoor activities to explore nature. Therefore, cycling treasure hunt team building and rafting activities are the right choices for them. Learn more.

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