Lundbeck Group ATV – Cycling Team Building

Lundbeck Group ATV – Cycling Team Building

Lundbeck Group Experience on ATV and Cycling Treasure Hunt Team Building

Lundbeck Group is a Danish international pharmaceutical company and has chosen us to organize their offsite activities while in Bali. They came with 53 participants from various countries for their company incentive activities. The meeting is the main agenda and outdoor activity is the difference in this incentive trip. Furthermore, Bali Group Organizer has been trusted to organize their special agenda. We have designed 2 exciting activity options located in one place near Ubud. Thus, each participant has the opportunity to choose one of the two options. However, both activities have the same concept in the form of treasure hunt team building.

Our team building program is truly having a positive impact on each participant and the company in particular. For that reason, the experience of the Lundbeck Group can be a reference for you to organize group events in Bali. Also, you can see our experience in handling other groups here.

Event Date: 18 July 2019

Bali Team Building Activities

We have offered the best selection of team building activities for Lundbeck Group since the beginning of the conversation. Finally, they have determined 2 very challenging adrenaline activities that are packaged into a team-building activity.

ATV Treasure Hunt Team Building

ATV Treasure Hunt is a team-building activity to find treasure in the wild riding vehicles on all terrain. We begin this adventure with a short garden team building to heat and stretch their muscles before jumping into the wild. Some challenging games they must complete before riding ATV. After that, our adventure begins. Each team has a mission to find hidden treasures along the track. They have to cross paths in rice fields, muddy ground, wild bushes, jungles and streams with dirty water.

Cycling Treasure Hunt Team Building

This Treasure Treasure Hunt activity is an exciting team-building activity too. All participants get warmed up in the Ice Breaking session by our experienced game masters. After that, our adventure begins by trying to ride a bicycle. Furthermore, each team received a mission to explore the natural village and beautiful green rice fields and carry a special mission. Meanwhile, they also carry out short garden team building activities on the local soccer field. Then, the adventure continues with the next mission and is led directly by our game master.

Lunch Time

At the end of today’s exciting activity, we finally arrive at a restaurant. All participants enjoyed lunch at a beautiful restaurant with Indonesian dishes. Finally, our adventure ended and the group returned to the hotel safely.

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