Bali Group Organizer – Event Planner

Bali Group Organizer – Event Planner

Do you want to hold an event in Bali?
The Bali Group Organizer’s team works for it

Bali Group Organizer is a reliable event planner to organize all events in Bali and other regions in Indonesia. We commit to high-quality service at every single event. Basically, all you need is mentioned at our website, hence the next step how to execute your event. Furthermore, Bali Group Organizer is supported by a qualified team and always ready anytime with a high effort to make every event successful. Our team is helping you to plan and create a custom program, which will be adjusted to your budget and the need. Nothing to worry, once you decided to hold an event in Bali please contact us at Our professional team will assist you within 24 hours of services. On the other hand, for those who are looking for personal service in individual travel please check out our sister company here.

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Our Foundations as an event organizer

  1. Using the high technology tools with the latest version of the equipment. It could support the speedy, effectiveness and efficiency. 
  2. We manage databases professionally in high management standards. surely, our teams are knowledgable, creative, innovative and well-manners.
  3. We open communication among sections, also between our teams and the clients. That is the key point of our success.
  4. Pre-meeting or rehearsal with the client before the date of the event. All teams understood what the main goal is particularly written on job description with high responsibility.

Qualified service of Bali Event Group Organizer:

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Meeting and Conference

We commit to manage your meeting and conference successfully. Furthermore please find out here the needs you are required.

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Incentive Group

Our teams are handling the incentive group professionally and always offer an attractive program. For further references please check it out here.

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Outdoor Camp – Team Building

The outbound program and team-building activities are creating strong teamwork.  Bali event group organizer provides a kind of activity. Click it here. 

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Bali Student Tours

Want to educate the student to get an impressive experience? Please join the exclusive education trip programs with unique activities ever. Furthermore, check it out here.

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GOLF Tournaments

Play at the best golf courses in Bali. An event tournament is set up at 18-holes international standard golf course. Furthermore, please see detail here.

csr, Corporate Social Responsibility, bali event group organizer

Corporate Social Responsibility (CRS)

Want to help other people through the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program? We guide how to channel your donations appropriately. Furthermore, check it out here. 

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Sport Events

Bali is a great place to hold an International sports event. Surely, We meet all the needs of athletes during the tournament. Furthermore, please find the detail here.

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Unique Tours

Want to hold unique tour activities in Bali? We do when other people don’t. Furthermore, see the detail of the program attached might one of those you are looking for.

Special Function and Entertainment

Special Function, Decors and Entertainments

All the functions event necessity could be fulfilled here, such as backdrop, entertainment, dinner function, and others. Bali event group organizer provides all of it. Check it out here. 


The options list below is the side products and services to support the event in Bali. You can add some options to fit out your company program, hence we will create it in one package. Also, you may purchase one item product and more without combining it with your event. Simply, just let us know and the Bali event planner will do the best for you.


The information below is useful as a guideline once you get in Bali. Furthermore, your free time will be more fun when hangout at fabulous places in Bali, such a famous restaurant, bars, beach club and so on. Detail information you may search at links below. If you have further inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us. As a professional event planner, we will serve you the best ever.

Bali Travel Tips
indonesia, bali, travel, tips

What you can do and don’t in Bali? Absolutely, We lead you the most important thing you should know. Need more tips? Easily just click here

General Information
bali, general, information

The island is one of the most favorite tourist destinations in the world with a lot of fascinations that why tourists visit Bali. Get it out here

MAP of Bali 
map, bali, balidirection, balimap, mapofbali

The map features an interesting tourist spot in Bali. So, you will know where is a good spot for nightlife, fun places, and others. Check out all of the interesting places in Bali by clicking here

Bali Geographic
belimbing, sari, rice, terrace, west, bali

The geographic of Bali is in line with another island such as Java, Lombok, and Flores. The North of the island is surrounded by the Bali Sea, in the east limited by Lombok Strait. Read more.

Foreign Consulates Office
consulate, office, bali, indonesia

Find the contact address of several foreign Consulate offices in Bali. Instead of Denpasar Bali, the embassy office could be found in Jakarta. Find it here.

Balinese People 
bali, balinese, people

They are friendly and warm people with a unique lifestyle. The population in Bali has reached 3,5 million people and growing constantly. Read more.

Emergency Rescue
bali, rescue, emergency, hospital

If you have an accident or sickness during the holiday in Bali, what should you do? We care about you and our teams will lead you to one of the hospitals. Get all the information here

Cultures and Religions
bali, cultures, religion, hindu

The main religion practiced in Bali is called Agama Hindu Dharma. This religion is consist of some religious sect and all of them are Hindu Ciwa. Wanna learn more about it? Simple just click here.

Indonesian Embassy Office
indonesianflag, indonesiacountryflag, indonesia, redandwhite

An official representative of Indonesia Country Diplomatic set in each country worldwide with a bilateral agreement. The consular in-charge to help in organizing travel documents. Please read more.

Simple Etiquette
bali, etiquettes

Local etiquette is a code of behavior that delineates the expectation of social behavior. Balinese has a conventional norm within society, social class or group of people. See all the information here.

Bars and Restaurants
bali, bars, restaurants

Want to know where is good restaurants and bars in Bali? Surely, We help you to reserve the table. Trust, Bali tour and travel is ready to arrange it for you. Get the information here before hanging out.

Community System 

bali, balinese, community, system

The major population in Bali are Hindu meanwhile, the others are Muslim, Catholic, Christian, and Buddhist. All of them live together in high respect for each other. Hence Bali becomes peaceful and furthermore.

Best Places for Shopping
bali, shopping, center

Shopping malls are spread upon the island, such as Kuta, Seminyak, and Denpasar. But the local market also offers to vary unique Bali craft. Wanna have both of them? Check the information here.

Tri Hita Karana and furthermore 

bali, tri, hita, karana, concept event planner

The concept of Tri Hita Karana is very popular as well as implemented throughout Balinese life. Also, all buildings such as hotels, restaurants, and others should follow that regulation. Read more.

Bali News Updated
Bromo Mount, volcano, eruption

What is new in Bali? Bali event group organizer publishes any progress on the island. To get updating just follow our weekly news here.


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