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Welcome to Bali Group Organizer, your incomparable partner in creating unforgettable events on the alluring island of Bali. We specialize in organizing various events, from private meetings and huge conferences to amazing incentive trips and enlightening educational excursions. We are one of Bali’s most renowned event planners. We turn your ideas into life by paying close attention to every last detail, assuring flawless execution and unique experiences for you and your guests.

Our knowledge goes beyond traditional events, including cutting-edge team-building activities encouraging participants’ cooperation and development. Our team customizes each workout to match your goals and leave a lasting impression, whether it’s an exhilarating outdoor experience or a carefully curated workshop.

Other Great Services

Bali Group Organizer offers a range of other services in addition to event planning to make sure your experience is nothing short of exceptional. Our mementos and items are physical reminders of your event, preserving its spirit and enabling memories to last for a long time. We carefully select goods that capture the essence of Bali and your celebration. We promise elegance and comfort in terms of lodgings. A haven, ensuring that every moment outside the event is as unique as those inside.

Our specialized transportation services make navigating Bali’s colorful landscapes a breeze. Our picture and filming services capture every feeling and detail to preserve the joy of your event so that you can repeatedly experience those special moments.

Our VIP Airport Fast Trek service streamlines your airport travel from arrival to departure for a touch of premium service. Bypass the lines and enjoy a hassle-free passage through the airport’s busy terminals as we handle the logistics. At Bali Group Organizer, everything matters, from the most miniature souvenir to the most significant logistical component. Our broad range of services is intended to enrich and complete your event-going experience.

Souvenirs & Merchandise

Find a carefully picked collection of Bali Group Organizer’s souvenirs and items, each of which beautifully captures the spirit of Bali and the soul of your event.


Bali Group Organizer’s transportation service ensures smooth travel for your group event. We provide quick and comfortable shuttles tailored to your needs.

Hotels & Accommodations

Enjoy the carefully chosen hotels from Bali Group Organizer that are ideal for hosting your group event in Bali with comfort and style.

VIP Airport Fast Trek

VIP Airport Service elevates your group event experience by expediting immigration and customs procedures for a quick and easy arrival in Bali.

Photo & Videography

With the help of Bali Group Organizer’s professional photography and videography services, you can capture the essence of your group event.

Wedding Cakes

Delight in magnificent wedding cakes created by Bali Group Organizer, which will give a touch of sweetness to your perfect Bali day.

Clients feedback

We can offer a stress free solution to help you, plan your dream wedding day, so you can enjoy every moment and treasure it forever.

Julia Rose

Event Stylist
I would recommend her for any event weddings, anniversary party, baby shower, birthday parties and more THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elic Semules

Marketing Manager
You are amazing! You worked so hard for Cady's wedding. You had every little detail under control....you need to run my life!

Emma Emily

Destination Event
We can offer a stress free solution to help you, plan your dream wedding day, so you can enjoy every moment and treasure it forever.

Julia Rose

Marketing Manager
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Martin Velle

Marketing Manager

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