Bali Meetings – Conferences Services

Bali Meetings – Conferences Services

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Meetings, Seminars, and Conferences Services

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Bali meetings and conferences are part of the primary service at the Bali Group Organizer with more than 25 years of experience. With Bali Group Organizer’s experienced solutions for meetings, seminars, and conferences in Bali, you will experience the pinnacle of expertise and creativity. Our professional team specializes in making your idea a reality, delivering smooth and impactful events. Our services combine effortlessly with the island’s natural beauty and dynamic culture, thanks to a profound appreciation of Bali’s distinctive appeal.

We can accommodate everything from small board meetings to large-scale conferences. Our comprehensive services include venue selection, cutting-edge technology, rigorous preparation, and faultless execution. You can count on us to offer extraordinary experiences that exceed your expectations. Choose Bali Group Organizer for unrivaled brilliance in elevating your gatherings with the enchantment of Bali. Contact us to create special Bali meetings, conferences, and seminars that will be remembered.

Meetings and Conferences of Broad Purpose

Using our experience since 1998, Bali Group Organizer is happy to be your event organizer to organize your group meetings or conferences in professional work with the following broad scope keys:

  • Meetings with trade and professional associations, as well as other groups, to market and discuss services such as meetings, conferences, conventions, seminars, and trade exhibits.
  • Meetings with sponsors and organizing committees to plan the scope and format of events, set budgets, and monitor administrative procedures and event progress.
  • Accommodations, transportation, conferences and other facilities, catering, signage, displays, translations, special needs requirements, audio visual equipment, entertainments, printings, and security are all part of event service coordination.
  • Organize participant registration, create programming and promotional materials, and market events.
  • Organizing participatory entertainment and social gatherings.
  • Hiring, training, and overseeing all event support personnel.
  • To ensure compliance with required by laws.
  • Negotiating service contracts, approving supplier bills, keeping financial records, reviewing final invoicing provided to clients for events, and preparing reports.
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Services for Meetings and Conferences

  • Logistic production for meeting and conference (including: invitation, manual/handouts, booklet/flyer/brochure, gifts)
  • Creative Concept for designing Backdrop, Staging and Decoration)
  • Transportation arrangement to Bali (Air, sea and land), including airport pick up
  • VIP with protocol arrangement
  • Transportation arrangement to venue (from a standard vehicle to a limo)
  • Accommodation reservation/arrangement
  • Function room arrangement (Ballroom and Breakout room)
  • Secretarial tasks handling
  • Registration and Hospitality Desk
  • Hi-Tech arrangement to support the event
  • Meeting/Conference program arrangement (including: Meeting Facilities, Food and Beverages)
  • Master of Ceremony and Security arrangement
  • Meeting/Conference Permit arrangement
  • Liaison Officer (LO)/expert Usher supply
  • Documentation arrangement (Photo and Video)
  • Tour planning for spouses
  • Theme Dinner, etc.

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