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Emerson Climate Technology's Thrilling
Bali Garden Team Building Experience

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Event Date13 November 2014
CustomerEmerson Climate Technology
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Emerson Climate Technologies Garden Team Building Treasure Hunt Phase Toxic Waste Game

Group Event History

With an impressive number of more than 600 people, Emerson Climate Technology, a well-known global leader in heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems, travelled to Bali on an incentive trip. Bali Group Organizer planned a dynamic Garden Team Building paired with an Indoor Team Building for a subgroup of 31 people amid a mix of effective meetings and energizing outdoor activities. Others went on with their scheduled meetings in the meantime.

Our professional game master guided the group through entertaining games that overcame the heat at the Pan Pacific Hotel despite the humid atmosphere. The program’s main goal was to place tasks throughout the hotel’s grounds and present them as an immersive treasure hunt game.

Garden Team Building Activity

We start with a fun ice-breaker exercise before plunging into gaming. Consider it a cordial introduction that encourages everyone to feel at ease and form connections. Additionally, we’ve created several engaging challenges that are thoughtfully placed all about the hotel’s environs. The purpose is to draw players into an exciting search for hints pointing to hidden treasures waiting to be found at each distinctive site.

Imagine the excitement of discovering hidden goods hidden in unexpected places—it’s like solving a mystery! Our strategy is to turn the event into an exciting race. During this outdoor excursion, groups meet to overcome obstacles that test their abilities and teamwork. The enthusiasm grows as the competition rises, making each moment exciting.

The good times keep on after that. The excitement continues indoors for additional gaming. Groups here must work together and think quickly to complete a variety of brainteasers. The joyful crowning of the final victor—determined by this exciting mashup of play, strategy, and camaraderie—marks the culmination of it all. The result was a string of memorable experiences that everyone involved will never forget.

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