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Experienced Bali Beach Team Building In Nusa Dua

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Event Date 22 October 2019
Customer Expedia Group
Category Incentive Travel
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Expedia Group Event

Expedia Group is one of the world’s leading travel companies and enjoyed a team-building experience in Bali. They have appointed us as their event planner for team building services. And this time, we’ve created a beach team-building event with challenging games that foster solid teamwork. As a result, we captured their interest in an exciting activity on Nusa Dua Beach. It was an incredible experience. They appear to be enthusiastic and to be struggling at every phase of the game that we supply. Finally, they will be able to achieve the objectives that we have set for them.

Bali Beach Team Building Experience

The Beach Team Building activity in Bali is an appropriate step for corporate groups during a visit to this island of the gods. Like Expedia Group, they have filled their outdoor activities with beach team-building activities. They organized this activity in a series of tight meeting agendas in Bali. And they are following their experiences in exciting activities on the coast of Nusa Dua.

Ice Breaking

This is a step to awaken their energy after the meeting for hours beforehand. Furthermore, we provide various games to build their togetherness and cheerfulness.

Competition Games

We know that their zeal and tension have begun to increase. For this reason, we provide challenging games in this competition phase. All teams seemed excited in a vision to achieve their goals.

Olympic Games

After the break phase, we continue to provide them with various challenges. This time, challenging games using seawater as one of the media to achieve their goals. So, this is truly an exciting, challenging, and sacrificial activity. And, of course, this experience will be carried away in work situations and keep the sustainability of motivation and harmonious work environment going forward.

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