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Hach Company Experiences Bali Beach Team Building

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Event Date 20 May 2015
Customer Hack Company
Category Incentive Travel
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Hach Company Group Event History

Hach Company is a Singaporean corporation that has sent 70 employees to Bali for incentive trip programs. Bali Group Organizer has planned an exciting beach team-building¬†activity. The service begins with taking them up at the hotel and transporting them to the¬†Beach Team Building. Most¬†participants are young people who have participated in our training programs. It is enjoyable, challenging, educational, and safe. Meanwhile, we have delivered our highest quality services comfortably and professionally. This group gathering is one of our customers’ successful experiences. In addition, our group references 2015 are available for your consideration when booking the same services.

Hach Company on Bali Beach Team Building

The group enjoyed participating in Beach Team team-building activities at Kuta Beach. The weather was perfect, and the beach was 3 kilometers long, stretching to Seminyak. Meanwhile, the waves are perfect for surfing, making Kuta a popular destination for tourists to Bali. We offer seven beach team-building games that are a lot of fun. We created this Team Building Program specifically for Hach Company to allow group participants to learn by doing. They can also increase communication skills, leadership, discipline, self-confidence, etc. Furthermore, it fosters robust teamwork. As a result, they can boost production to meet their objectives.

As is usual, we offer a three-phase gaming session that comprises Ice Breaking, Competition Race, and Olympic Phase. The photo gallery below lets you discover the most beautiful moments of the Beach Team Building activities.

Photo Gallery