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NetCcentric Pte Ltd, Bali Beach Team Building, Team Building, Group Photo Session, Beach, Fun Games, Bali, netccentric group
Event Date 12 – 15 January 2015
Customer NetCcentric Pte. LTD
Category Incentive Travel
Bali Beach Team Building, Team Building, Hulahoop Transfer Games, Beach, Fun Game, Education Games, Group Event, Bali

NetCcentric Group Event History

NetCcentric Group is a group of 77 employees from NetCcentric Pte LTD in Singapore who came to Bali for anĀ incentiveĀ trip. They participated in a team-building activity on the beach, dinner,Ā and sightseeing in Bali. Meanwhile, Bali Group Organizer has planned the ideal customized Incentive trip itinerary. MostĀ participants had a good time and had fun,Ā challenges, learning, and togetherness.

Beach Team Building

Bali Team Building refers to gaming activities that foster teamwork. Mutual support, unity, respect, one heart, one soul, complement and reinforce, and compact are the components of this collaboration. There are three sessions for the Beach Team Building activity.

Amazing Race Games

We begin with the beautiful race games after warming up. We immersed them in fascinating, engaging, and challenging game activities. It has compelled them to use their quick, efficient work, communication, and solid teamwork to attain their objectives.

Olympic Game Phase

We present complete challenges in the Olympic Game Session with three enjoyable games. We force them to succeed using their brain, communication skills, excellent teamwork, strategy, and leadership. Three of the games in this session are pretty exciting.

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