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Event Date 14 – 21 September 2018
Customer Surabaya Intercultural School
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Surabaya Intercultural School, SIS, bali educational trips, bali student tours

Surabaya Intercultural School Group Event History

Surabaya Intercultural School is an international school based in Surabaya that has sent its students on educational trips to Bali. They came and took the experience on September 17-21, 2018. They come with 26 students and are accompanied by three teachers who joined the study trip to the island of the gods. Furthermore, SIS (Surabaya Intercultural School) has appointed Bali Group Organizer as the only event organizer to arrange their entire agenda in Bali. We have designed the event exclusively to bring them into an extraordinary experience with unique activities while enjoying Bali’s nature. With pride, we have provided activities full of learning and introduction and are involved directly in these activities. So, in the end, they can learn more about Bali’s beautiful culture and nature. Here, we invite them to learn by doing every activity during the trip.

In addition, all students from Surabaya Intercultural School felt delighted and cheerful while traveling in Bali. Also, we have prepared this event carefully, from pick-up, accommodation, transportation, and activities to their meals. So, this event provides many benefits for them besides that with guaranteed high safety.

SIS – Surabaya Intercultural School Experience on an educational trip to Bali

This time, we discussed student tours from the Surabaya Intercultural School in Bali. We have designed the event perfectly so that it can run smoothly.

Arrival – Uluwatu Kecak Dance Tour

We immediately picked them up at the airport on the first day and went to the restaurant for lunch. This is because they arrive in Bali at noon. After that, we take an excursion to Uluwatu to see the greatness of the Hindu temple built on a cliff with a beautiful view of the Indian Ocean. In the late afternoon, we watched a spectacular Kecak dance by taking a story from the epic Ramayana. Then we return to Jimbaran Bay for dinner and then return to the hotel to stay.

Kintamani Volcano and Visit Taman Nusa

We invited them to Kintamani on the second day and visited famous tourist spots. Lunch at a restaurant in Kintamani with incredible views of the Batur Volcano and the lake. After that, we went down the hill and headed to Bangli district and visited Taman Nusa, a beautiful place that presents a variety of Indonesian cultures. Here, students can learn about cultures in Indonesia from Sumatra to West Papua. After that, we went to the restaurant for dinner, returned to the hotel, and stayed overnight.

Bedugul Tour – Balinese Culture Lessons

The third-day trip gives a different color. That day, we headed to Bedugul to visit a Hindu temple built on funds. Also, this place is blessed with a beautiful lake view and cool air. Next, we head to Rumah, Bali, to learn about Balinese culture. Each student participated in this activity, from making Canang Sari, dancing lessons, and gamelan lessons to farming in muddy rice fields. After that, we go to Tanah Lot to see the beautiful sunset and dinner at the restaurant. Finally, we go back to the hotel and stay overnight.

Rafting Adventure and Cooking Class

We took them to the Ayung River on the fourth day to join the river rafting adventure. This adventure has brought them into a fantastic experience to explore beautiful rivers for 2 hours. After that, we go to the cooking class to learn cooking guided by professional chefs. Here, students can learn directly how to cook and recognize cooking ingredients.

Check out

Finally, this memorable trip must end. After checking out from the hotel, we went straight to the airport, and they continued to fly to Surabaya.

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