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Enjoyed VW Safari, Rafting and MasterChef Cooking Competition

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Event Date22 September 2017
CustomerTemasek International Pte Ltd
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Temasek International Pte Ltd Group Event History

Temasek International Pte Ltd is an investment company headquartered in Singapore and comes with 80 staff to Bali for incentive trips. They have appointed our company to arrange a unique full-day outdoor activity during their business trip to this island. We have provided a perfect combination of outdoor activities from morning to late afternoon. We have designed an exclusive tour expedition using legendary Volkswagen cars to explore beautiful Balinese villages and visit several places of interest.

Meanwhile, the other group participants joined white water rafting at Ayung River for 2 hours. However, they have united in one place to join the MasterChef Cooking Competition in the afternoon. This fascinating experience brings the group participants into a special day on their trip to Bali.



Firstly, we have divided the group into two small groups with different activities. One group joins the VW Safari Tour to explore traditional Balinese villages and visit several places of interest in Bali. Meanwhile, the other group joins white water rafting at Ayung River to explore the beautiful river at three rapid levels.


During VW Safari trips, we stopped at one of the traditional houses and discovered the unique Bali lifestyle. And also, the group participant can see the beautiful houses and house temples.



It is one of our favorite team-building activities to encourage the group participants to learn new things from this competition. We give the challenge for all group participants to cook three courses of local foods. Finally, they can present the food based on the recipes given by our chef.

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