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Voith Paper Roll Indonesia Joined Bali Sea Cruise Team Building

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Event Date 02 April 2011
Customer Voith Paper Roll Indonesia
Category Incentive Travel
Voith Paper Indonesia, Sail Sensation, Sea Cruise

Group Event History

In April 2011, PT. Voith Paper Rolls Indonesia organized a staff gathering trip to Bali. They utilized the Bali Group Organizer to plan team-building activities with a sailing trip to Lembongan Island. In 2011, this group was one of our Group References. We designed this group program in a day for 68 people, and it was a very thrilling and memorable experience to enjoy the game, adventures, and sailing on the tropical island of Bali. It is an incentive group that is enjoying a magnificent vacation with the exciting experience of crossing the Bali Strait on the catamaran boat Sail Sensation Cruise.

The group set out on a beautiful voyage in the azure waters, sailing across the Bali Strait on the catamaran boat of the Sail Sensation Cruise. This incentive party took advantage of a well-earned vacation and delighted in the excitement of traveling across the sea and making treasured memories of Bali’s stunning scenery.

Voith Paper Rolls Indonesia Group Activities

Bali Sea Cruise

When our team arrives at the Westin Hotel lobby, the group agenda begins. The passengers were quite excited to join the trip to Lembongan, which departs at 09:15 a.m. via Beluga Port. When they arrived at Beluga, they were greeted by two Balinese females and the entire crew of the Sail Sensation Cruise, and they were then raised one by one cruise and given a welcome drink.

Live entertainment, such as the energetic beats of the Trio Batak and electric electronic singer, elevated the 1.5-hour voyage across Badung Strait to the picturesque Lembongan Island. This caused the entire group to dance and groove. Mr. Buyung Wahab of PT spiritedly directed the event. Voith and it reached new heights with a fun karaoke session that attracted passionate participation. The group took a short boat transport from Lembongan Island to the Beach Club to begin the second part of their memorable journey.

Beach Team Building

The beach festivities began with a welcoming Balinese ceremony that included flower decorations, a vibrant Baleganjur performance by neighborhood kids, and a fantastic welcome drink—the day started relaxing by the beach before moving into fun Bali Beach team-building activities. As the group enthusiastically participated in the program and enjoyed their three favorite games—Magic Ball, Tug of War, and Hole in One—laughter resounded throughout the beach. At the Anchorage Restaurant, a delicious BBQ lunch buffet that nourished both body and mind was ready for the company at 12:30 p.m.


They enjoyed captivating cruise activities like village excursions, banana boat rides, snorkeling, and team-building exercises. These memorable experiences culminated in our return to Tanjung Benoa, accompanied by nonstop entertainment provided by a vibrant dancer and DJ.

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