Scor Global Life | Beach Team Building

Scor Global Life | Beach Team Building

Score Global Life Enjoy Beach Team Building

Score Global Life is an independent insurance company coming with 40 people staff for an incentive trip to Bali. To complete their business trip agenda, they have conducted an internal meeting and continued with beach activities for group bonding. They have appointed Bali Group Organizer to arrange a beach team building activity after short indoor class training. We have provided 7 fun games to encourage the group participants to remind and build strong teamwork, improve the communication, motivate them to win on global competitions and keep standing on the high integrity as well as innovation on each product selling. Our beach team building activity has responded to their requirements and brought them into fantastic experiences. It is one of our group references in 2017 for your references before using our services. You may discover other group references to collect more of our experiences.

Event Date: 27 June 2017

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Short Class Team Building Introduction

Before jumping to the beach, we have provided short class training to explain about Beach Team Building. This introduction gives an explanation of team building and purpose.

Ice Breaking

Competition Games

Olympic Game Session

Closing of Beach Team Building

Our beach team building is well assigned in the theme of fun, education, motivation, and safety. Each participant will get lessons on how to join the group and real understanding about the position on a group, focus on the target, build solid and strong teamwork to achieve the goals. After team building, all group participant return to their room for the shower and change the clothes and join their dinner.

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