Bali Raft Team Building

Bali Raft Team Building

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Bali Raft Team Building

Bali Raft Team Building is a unique team-building activity that challenges participants to survive in nature. The game is ideal for those of you seeking a team-building activity different from what you have done before. Furthermore, this team building will present multiple challenges in developing strong teamwork, boosting the survival spirit, and much more. Meanwhile, Bali Group Organizer is a top event organizer with over 25 years of experience in Bali. You’re on the correct route with us to make great memories with your group.

Bali Raft Team Building: Navigating Challenges, Strengthening Teams

Bali Raft Team Building is aĀ testament to our creative team’s innovative team-building activities. Its goal was to give outdoor group activities amidĀ Bali’s natural beauty. This unique activity takes on participants with variousĀ challenges, mostĀ centred on survival skills and teamwork. The adventure takes place along Bali’s gorgeous coastlines and calm lakes.

However, due to the natural conditions required to make it a memorable experience, only some beachesĀ or lakes areĀ an appropriate event setting. Bali Group Organizer is your trusted partner for this thrilling group event, with over 25 years of event organization experience.

Bali Raft Team Building provides an exceptional opportunity to improve your team while immersing yourself in the natural beauty of Bali. With Bali Group Organizer, you can be confident that your adventure will be well-planned and safe. Book your Bali Raft Team Building activity today and embark on an unforgettable tour across the delights of this stunning island.

What to Concern and Expect on Bali Raft Team Building?

Safety, Health, and Preparedness

Safety, health, and readiness are our top priorities during the Bali Raft Team Building event. Here’s how we ensure a secure and enjoyable experience:

  • Expert Facilitator: Our experienced guides are trained in first aid and equipped to handle emergencies.
  • Safety Gear: Participants receive life jackets and helmets, with clear instructions on proper use.
  • Equipment Checks: Rigorous equipment inspections are performed before each event.
  • Weather Monitoring: We assess weather conditions to make safe decisions and adapt if necessary.
  • Clear Briefings: Participants receive clear instructions and safety briefings.
  • Continuous Supervision: Our instructors provide ongoing supervision and support.
  • Sun Protection: We recommend sun protection measures for Bali's tropical climate.
  • Health and Hygiene: We maintain strict hygiene standards and equipment sanitation.
  • Preparedness: Our team is prepared to respond to any unexpected situations.
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  • Total number of participants: 30 people (minimum)
  • Total of games: 6 - 7 games
  • Duration of games: 2,5 - 3 hours
  • Venue: Flexible on Beach or Lake
  • Time: Morning or Afternoon
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Team Building Training Phases

  • Phase ā€“ 1: GROUPING
    • Group Assembling
    • Ice Breaking with 2 ā€“ 3 games
    • Grouping and leader appointing, including yellā€“yell
    • Game 1 (Exclusive Game)
    • Game 2 (Exclusive Game)
    • Game 3 (Exclusive Game)
    • Game 4 (Exclusive Game)
    • Game 1 (Exclusive Game)
    • Game 2 (Exclusive Game)
    • Game 3 (Exclusive Game)
  • Phase ā€“ 4: CLOSING GAMES
    • Closing Game
  • Phase ā€“ 5: EVALUATION
    • Evaluation session and announce the winner
  • Taking shower and change the clothes
  • Back to hotel

+ 25 Years of Trust: Bali Group Organizer Leading Remarkable Team Building Experiences

Bali Group Organizer is your reliable partner for crafting and executing exceptional team building events in Bali.

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