Bali Treasure Hunt Land Tour

Bali Treasure Hunt Land Tour

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Bali Treasure Hunt Land Tour

Welcome to the Bali Treasure Hunt Land Tour, the best team-building experience that has captivated corporate incentive tourists to Bali. This exciting activity combines the thrill of a land tour with the benefits of team development. It provides a unique offsite opportunity to go sightseeing while participating in lighter team-building activities. While exploring the island’s delights, our treasure hunt activities offer an element of adventure and challenge.

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Embrace Sightseeing, and Team Building Experience

Bali Sightseeing and Treasure Hunt Games are excellent options for immersing participants in unforgettable experiences. It will allow them to enjoy sightseeing, training, and fun. These benefits motivate all group participants to participate in the game training and enjoy a tour itinerary, including visits to stunning tourist attractions on this paradise island.

Meanwhile, our expert game master will lead the games at each location, with an individual concept for each group. We can tailor this program to match your group’s themes, objectives, scheduling, and aims, and Bali Group Organizer is happy to accommodate them.

Join Us for an Unforgettable Experience

The Bali Treasure Hunt Land Tour will take you on a journey of discovery and teamwork. On the Island of the Gods, strengthen your team’s ties, improve problem-solving skills, and make lasting memories. Contact us today to create your unique team-building excursion, and together, we’ll discover Bali’s hidden treasures while strengthening bonds among your company.

Why Choose Bali Treasure Hunt Land Tour?

  1. The Perfect Blend: Experience the best of both worlds – a land tour that showcases Bali’s beauty and team-building activities that promote cooperation, communication, and problem-solving.
  2. Memorable Adventures: Uncover Bali’s hidden gems and secrets as you explore various locations during your tour. Treasure hunt games at each site make the journey exciting and engaging.
  3. Camaraderie and Bonding: Strengthen the bonds among your team members as you work together to decipher clues, complete missions, and discover hidden treasures at every stop.
  4. Safety and Expertise: Bali Group Organizer’s extensive experience ensures a safe, well-organised adventure. Your safety is our priority, and we provide all necessary equipment and guidance.

What to Expect from the Bali Treasure Hunt Land Tour

  • Why Choose This Adventure: Bali Treasure Hunt Land Tour offers a unique blend of adventure, cultural exploration, and team building. It’s a memorable way to strengthen your team’s dynamics.
  • Expectations: Anticipate a day filled with fun challenges, captivating discoveries, and unforgettable moments. Immerse yourself in the beauty of Bali while working together to achieve common goals.
  • Safety, Health, and Preparation: Your safety and well-being are our utmost concern. We provide comprehensive safety guidelines and all the necessary equipment. Dress comfortably and be prepared for an enjoyable and rewarding experience.
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  • Total number of participants: 25 people (minimum)
  • Total of games: 6 - 7 games
  • Duration of games: 8 - 9 hours
  • Venue: Various
  • Time: Morning

What to Bring and Wear?

  • T-shirt, Short of Long Pants
  • Hat and Sun glasses
  • Sun block
  • Sport shoes
  • Camera
  • Money for souvenir

Team Building Training Phases

  • Phase – 1: GROUPING
    • Group Assembling
    • Ice Breaking with 2 – 3 games
    • Grouping and leader appointing, including yell–yell
    • Post 2 ( Exclusive games)
    • Race Game 2
    • Post 2 ( Exclusive games)
    • Post 3 ( Exclusive games)
    • Post 4 ( Exclusive games)
    • Post 5 ( Exclusive games)
  • Phase – 4: CLOSING GAMES
    • Closing Game
  • Phase – 5: EVALUATION
    • Evaluation session and announce the winner
  • Back to hotel

+ 25 Years of Trust: Bali Group Organizer Leading Remarkable Team Building Experiences

Bali Group Organizer is your reliable partner for crafting and executing exceptional team building events in Bali.

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