Bali Ancient Village Tour

Bali Ancient Village Tour

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Bali Ancient Village Tour: Discover Traditions in Historical Villages

As you set out on the Bali Ancient Village Tour, discover the mysteries of Bali’s history. It is an immersive cultural experience created for people who are drawn to the charm of the past. Taking a detour from the usual route, this tour surpasses the norm. We lead you through traditional villages where the spirit of Bali’s illustrious past permeates the atmosphere.

You’ll feel as though you’ve travelled back in time as you visit Penglipuran and Tenganan Villages, meander through coffee plantations, and watch locals make salt at Kusamba Beach. Take in the spirit of Bali, where every ritual and cobblestone has a story to tell. Furthermore, every moment becomes a stroke on the cultural heritage canvas of the island. Secure a seat today and allow the Bali Ancient Village Tour to serve as a gateway to the enduring splendours of this captivating island.

Places to Visit During the Bali Ancient Village Tour

Penglipuran Village: A Model of Purity

Discover Penglipuran Village, celebrated as the “Cleanest Village in the World.” Nestled in Bangli Regency and close to Kintamani. This village captivates with its immaculate environment and orderly house gates. Furthermore, you can walk through this pristine haven to witness the harmonious blend of tradition and nature. Also, Penglipuran preserves local customs, offering an authentic glimpse into Balinese life.

Tenganan Village: Gateway to Bali’s Past

Tenganan Village beckons with its unique charm and strong adherence to ancient traditions. Step into a living museum as you encounter the distinctive Bali Aga culture, known for its distinct rituals, crafts, and timeless way of life.

Coffee Plantations and Luwak Coffee Discovery

En route, indulge your senses in the lush surroundings of Bali’s coffee plantations. Learn about the coffee-making process and savour the renowned Luwak Coffee. It is an exotic brew produced through a fascinating natural fermentation process.

Traditional Salt Making at Kusamba Beach

Conclude your journey with a visit to Kusamba Beach, where traditional salt-making has been practised for generations. Witness the meticulous process of salt production, an integral part of Balinese coastal heritage.

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Terms and Conditions of Bali Ancient Village Tour

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Weather-Dependent Tour:

  • This tour is subject to weather conditions. Adverse weather may lead to route changes or tour cancellations, prioritizing safety.

Group Booking Validity:

  • The Bali Ancient Village Tour is valid for group bookings. Immerse yourself in cultural exploration with friends, family, or fellow travellers.

Booking in advance:

  • To secure your spot on this enriching journey, booking in advance is essential. Ensure availability for your preferred date and enjoy a hassle-free experience.

Tour Benefits:

  • Comfortable Air-Conditioning Transfer:
  • English-Speaking Tour Guide
  • One-Time Lunch
  • One Bottle of Mineral Water