Brenda Agustina

Brenda Agustina

Group Event Coordinator
  • Skills :
    Event Planning and Execution
  • Address Info :
    Jl. Raya Kampus Udayana (Poh Gading Timur) no 10 A, Jimbaran, Kuta Selatan

Personal Experiences

Brenda Agustina is a Group Event Coordinator at Bali Group Organizer with much experience. She graduated from Metropolitan University in Prague with a solid educational foundation, concentrating in business management. This academic background has provided her with a unique combination of theoretical knowledge and practical skills, which she integrates flawlessly into her position.

Brenda’s path led her to Bali Group Organizer, where she took on the dynamic role of Group and Event Coordinator after finishing her studies. Her academic experience in business management perfectly matches her responsibilities, allowing her to strategize, plan, and execute events with pinpoint accuracy. Her ability to integrate her theoretical knowledge with hands-on event organization has proven invaluable in organizing successful meetings.

Brenda’s work path exemplifies the importance of combining academic excellence with real-world application. Her job as a Group Event Coordinator demonstrates her dedication to generating significant and flawlessly performed events, fueled by her educational background and enthusiasm for event management.

Event Management Experiences

Brenda Agustina’s time as a Group Event Coordinator at Bali Group Organizer is distinguished by her broad event management expertise. She is involved in the entire lifetime of group activities, from conception to implementation. She takes on the task of creating memorable gatherings, ensuring that every detail aligns smoothly to fulfill the goals of her clients.

Brenda’s involvement goes beyond the surface. She diligently controls all critical areas, from logistics and accommodations to participant participation. Her extraordinary attention to detail ensures that no aspect is ignored, leading to the flawless execution of events. Furthermore, Brenda is the focal point for coordinating and directing the seasoned supporter staff. The crew interacts successfully under her skilled direction, resulting in an event atmosphere that exceeds expectations.

Brenda Agustina’s event management path exemplifies hard work and finesse. Her ability to maintain a broad perspective while delving into the complexities of event execution demonstrates her dedication to creating memorable experiences. Her services as a Group Event Coordinator are critical to Bali Group Organizer’s reputation for event management quality.

Mainstay Capability

  • End-to-End Event Management
  • Detail-Oriented Approach
  • Logistics Control
  • Participant Engagement
  • Team Coordination
  • Adaptive Problem-Solving
  • Strategic Planning


Event Planning and Execution
Logistics Management
Communication and Collaboration
Problem Solving
Team Leadership