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Garuda Indonesia

Garuda Indonesia Add Route During Christmas and New Year 2015

Garuda Indonesia Airline adds the route from Manado to Jakarta during Christmas and The New Year 2015. This statement is made in North Sulawesi Province. “We will add the flight from Manado to Jakarta and the return for anticipating the increasing of passengers during the Christmas and New Year in the Province of North Sulawesi” Deddy Irawan Say. He is a General Manager of Garuda Indonesia Airline in Manado.

Garuda Indonesia


The additional route will be started on December, 16th 2015. The flight will be four times a day. So, the schedule as follows:

    • From Manado to Jakarta by GA 607 depart at 06.00 arrive at 08.15.
    • Flight From Manado to Jakarta by GA 603 depart at 10.15 arrive at 13.05
    • From Manado to Jakarta by GA 601 depart at 16.15 arrive at 18.25
    • Manado to Jakarta by GA 627 depart at 18.25 arrive at 20.40.

For the return flight the new schedule as follows:

  • From Jakarta to Manado by GA 602 depart at 05.30 arrive at 09.55
  • Jakarta to Manado by GA 600 depart at 11.00 arrive at 15.25.
  • Jakarta to Manado by GA 626 depart at 13.15 arrive at 17.35
  • And last Jakarta to Manado by GA 606 depart at 18.30 arrive at 22.55.

Besides route additions, there are also special promos for passengers who are lucky to get a ticket at a low price. He expects the government will continue to increase the tourism sector in North Sulawesi and attract many domestic and foreign tourists to visit this province. It will increase the economic growth of a region.