Dorairaj Malaysian Group

Dorairaj Malaysian Group

Dorairaj Malaysian Group Join Bali Garden Team Building

Dorairaj Malaysian Group from Malaysia has appointed Bali Group Organizer to arrange a team building activity for the entire staff. This group join our team building when they go for vacation to Bali. Furthermore, we provide the exciting garden team building with fantastic games to encourage them to build solid and strong teamwork. Meanwhile, the games are running fantastic with cool temperature surround it. And also, the group participants look very enthusiast and enjoy the game. We provide the games at Bali Botanical Garden in Bedugul Bali. Bedugul is one of the favorite sites to conduct the team building activities. It is because, this site is featured by the good temperature and panoramic view at surrounding area.

In addition, the gardens are huge set in the plateau area with serenity ambiance surround it. This group is one of our customers join our team building activity. We have success to handle this group with satisfactory level. And also, it is  become our group references 2012 for your consideration to use our services.

16 September 2012

Dorairaj Malaysian Group Photos on Bedugul Bali Garden Team Building

Garden Team Building

Amazing Race Games

After warming up, we start with the amazing race games that encourage them into the exciting fun games in full of challenges to grab their speedy, efficiency work, communication and making the solid teamwork.

Olympic Game Phase

We provide full challenges in Olympic Game Session with 3 different of fun games that force to use their brain, communication skills, strong teamwork, strategy and leadership to win in every game we set.

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