Edenred VW Safari Treasure Hunt

Edenred VW Safari Treasure Hunt

Edenred Group Experience on Bali VW Safari Treasure Hunt Team Building – Uluwatu Expedition

Edenred Pte Ltd is a Singapore-based customer relationship management (CRM) provider that has visited Bali for corporate incentive events. They came with 32 participants from various countries for business trip purposes. Meanwhile, they have appointed Bali Organizer Group as one of the event planners in Bali to organize their offsite events while on the island of the gods. Furthermore, we have provided an exciting team building activity with the theme VW Safari Treasure Hunt – Uluwatu Expedition. On the other hand, this activity took place on 21 May 2019 departing from the Courtyard Hotel Nusa Dua. Also, this activity has brought them to a unique and classic experience. This is because we have prepared the event agenda perfectly so that everything can run smoothly and successfully.

In addition, this group from Edenred Pte Ltd can be a reference for you to set up an incentive group agenda in Bali. Similarly, we provide a variety of team building activities, tours, adventures, CSR, conferences or other group activities. Also, you can find our experience in handling group events in Bali during 2019 on this site.

Bali VW Safari Treasure Hunt – Uluwatu Expedition

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This team-building is the most popular team building activity in Bali. This is ideal for groups of corporations who are taking incentive trips to Bali. Moreover, they come from various agencies or countries to unite them in an exciting and fun activity. However, this activity can also build strong teamwork and foster harmonious relationships.

Safety Briefing and Grouping Session

We did a safety briefing and grouping session before the activities of the VW Safari Treasure Hunt. Furthermore, we carried out this activity in the parking area of the Courtyard Hotel Nusa Dua. After that, we provide the opportunity to show their group cheers before leaving for Water Blow – Nusa Dua.

Treasure Hunt Game at Water Blow Nusa Dua

After a short convoy in the elite resort area of Nusa Dua, it was time for them to explore the Water Blow area. Furthermore, they must find a treasure in a beautiful green garden with a statue of Rama – Shinta stands majestically in this area. After finding it, they immediately finished the game prepared by our facilitator team to collect points. After that, we leave for the Pandawa beach.

Adventure Trip to Pandawa Beach

This sensation continues by exploring the limestone road with a dry forest surrounding it. This is an adventure experience by driving a Volkswagen vehicle that relaxes through beautiful nature. And also, this convoy experience using classic vehicles has brought them an adventure sensation in the 1970s.

Pandawa Beach Team Building

We continued to make convoys until we entered the Pandawa beach area. After that, all participants headed to a free area on the beach to do beach team building activities. We provide a surprising game to challenge them to collect coins in a short time. Next, we continue the journey to the coffee plantation and pass through villages and dry forests.

Visit Coffee Plantation and Uluwatu Temple

We visit an agrotourism to find various types of coffee plants that grow on the island of Bali. Besides that, each gets a challenge from a game that they have to complete while enjoying a coffee break. Next, we go to Uluwatu to complete the last mission and watch the phenomenal Kecak dance. After that, we go down to Kuta to have dinner together at a local restaurant. And finally, this event ended after taking them back to the hotel.

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