Bali Farm Activities

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Bali Farm Activities are the exciting and unique activities the people can learn agriculture system and understanding the process of plantation and environment knowledge in Bali.  Bali Island is a small island in tropical area of Indonesian archipelagos famous with beautiful natures, friendly people and complete tourist facilities. Most of the Balinese people are farmers and living in the village where they have strong farmer organization called by Subak, that it was appointed as the word’s heritage by UNESCO. Bali Group Organizer is proud to encourage you to learn small part of farming activities on your vacation in this country. We provides Bali farm activities that encourage you direct to the rice field or plantations to make you understand more about farming, cultures and other local social life. It is an ideal activity for student tours to Bali where the student can experience with the local farming.

Bali Farm Activities – Learn Agriculture

Rice Field, Plowing, Planting and Harvesting

Bali Group Organizer is delighted to arrange the exciting local farming knowledge for your group and invite them to involve several farming processes on the moody land includes plowing, planting and harvesting. These are the unique activities you can do on your lovely trips to Bali and making understand about farming process as well as the irrigation system.

Plantation, Cocoa, Coffee and Strawberry

These are the farming activities on the dry land to  encourage you to the tropical plantation includes cocoa, coffee and strawberry.  You will discover the beautiful plantations with several varieties of  plantations on these activities even try the taste of coffee or pick up the  strawberry from it plantations. The trips will bring you to the exciting  experience to understand more about the local plantations as one of the commodity  products in this country. Once the pupils join this program they will learn agriculture a lot. 

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