Indonesian Embassy Office For Libya

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Indonesian Embassy Libya is a legal representative of Indonesian Country functioning to keep the good diplomatic relation between Indonesia and Libya.  It is a diplomatic representative corps of Indonesian State that is appointed  in the certain countries with several consulates and high commission those are  set in several cities of the country concerned. Bali Group Organizer is proud  to provide the Indonesian Embassy/Consulate/High Commission Office for Libya where you can find  details of the office address on this page. You may contact them directly (Not  Us/Bali Group Organizer) when you need a diplomatic paper arrangements or  travel arrangements. The Embassy Offices of Indonesia are available worldwide probably set in your country or nearest state.

Indonesian Embassy/Consulate/High Commission for Libya

Please note that we provide the information of Indonesian Embassy Office ONLY on our website and we do not take any business related to those offices. If you want to contact The Embassy Offices of Indonesia, you can contact them directly or visit the official Indonesian Foreign Ministry Website at

Indonesian Embassy Libya

Kuasa Usaha a.i : Mr. Jopkie Kurniawan
Address : Hay Al Karamah, Qobri Taariq Al Sari’, Amaama Al Saraaj,¬†(P.O.BOX 5921) Tripoli, Libya
Phone : (218-21) 484-2067, 484-2843, 484-2844
Fax : (218-21) 484-2069, 484-2075
Email :
Website :

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