Aerowisata Sanur Beach Hotel Management

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Aerowisata Sanur Beach Hotel Management
Staff Gathering

Sanur Beach Hotel
Event Date 11 December 2012
Customer Aerowisata Sanur Beach Hotel
Category Staff Gathering

Group Event History

Aerowisata Sanur Beach Hotel is a five-star hotel located on Sanur Bali’s beautiful sand. Luxurious resorts, coconut trees, and friendly residents surround the resort. In addition, the management team of Sanur Beach Hotel has organized a management family meeting in Bedugul. This event took place on December 11, 2012. Meanwhile, Bedugul is a popular tourist attraction in Bali’s plateau area.

Furthermore, Bali Group Organizer is happy to be one of the resort’s top partners. They have tasked us with organizing the significant challenges of outdoor activities in a single day. In addition, we have given the appropriate outdoor programs with two complete adventure activities, which include a Paint Ball with an airsoft gun and ATV Riding in the gorgeous rice paddy. Aerowisata Sanur Beach Hotel is one of our customers who has successfully arranged. As a result, there is no question that this group will become one of our group references in 2012 for your consideration in using our services.

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Paint Ball

Paint Ball

ATB Ride Adventure

ATV Riding