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Bali Beach Team Building

Danish Red Cross, Bali Beach Team Building, Ice Breaking Games, Team Building, Sanur, Bali
Event Date 13 December 2012
Customer Danish Red Cross
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Danish Red Cross, Bali Beach Team Building, Team Building, Sit on Circle games, Beach Games, Fun Games, Education Games, Beach, Sanur Beach, Sanur, Bali

Group Event History

Palang Merah Indonesia – Denmark or Danish Red Cross travels to Bali with 23 individuals for vacation and a beach team-building activity at Tanjung Benoa, Bali’s Water Sports Center. They have appointed Bali Group Organizer to give these exciting activities full of challenges, pleasure, and memories. Furthermore, through enhancing motivation, communication, and speed, this group has successfully established the individual and team characteristics into a robust team. A team building program is a new trend for a company or organization to wake up the team to win the struggle in today’s tight global competition.

Danish Red Cross is one of our satisfied clients, and it has also become one of our group references in 2012 for your consideration in using our services.

Amazing Race Games

We begin with the beautiful race games after warming up. These games inspire them to participate in fascinating, enjoyable, challenging activities. It captures their quick, efficient labor, communication, and solid teamwork.

Olympic Game Phase

We deliver complete challenges in the Olympic Game Session with three distinct, enjoyable games. These games require children to use intellect, communication skills, good teamwork, and strategy. They also require excellent leadership to win every game we set.

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