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Balinese Culture Team Building

Asia Pacific Dentist Student Association
Event Date 21 August 2013
Customer Asia Pacific Dentist Student Association
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Group Event History

APDSA (Asia Pacific Dentist Student Association) is a student organization from a famous university in Asia Pacific that offers a dental curriculum. This group has regular conferences in each country. In 2013, Indonesia University will be able to host them and form a committee to organize the annual conference in Bali. Multiple agendas were allocated to complete the meeting program, including one day of outdoor exercise. This practice is intended to push children to strive and learn teamwork.

As a result, Bali Group Organizer can serve our distinctive team-building program. The activities are combined with the stunning traditional Balinese Kecak Dance. The event occurred on August 21, 2013, and 371 students attended. This event was a huge success and a lot of fun. This student group is a significant customer of our success event services. Furthermore, it has become our group reference 2013 for your consideration of our services.

Group Departure from Hotel

Before beginning the Balinese Culture lesson team building, all participants depart from the hotel in Sanur Bali. Furthermore, the journey from the hotel to the first location takes 30 minutes. The first location to go is Taman Ayun Temple, where people play several games. This temple is in the northern area of Badung Regency.

Visit Taman Ayun Temple

After arriving at Taman Ayun Temple, all participants join the ice-breaking session before exploring Balinese Culture Team Building. This ice-breaking warms them up and gives them spirit.

Balinese Culture Lessons

During this session, all participants must learn three sessions of Balinese culture, including the Kecak dance, the Kecak sound, and the donning of a Balinese costume.

Final Performance

At the end of the game, all participants separated into groups must perform a Kecak dance in front of all judges and other participants. The judges chose the winner in the final performance.

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