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Enjoyed Bali Cycling Treasure Hunt Rafting Adventures

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Event Date25 – 27 October 2013
CustomerFondaco Singapore
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Fondaco, Fondaco International, Group Event, Team Building, Treasure Hunt Game, Games, Fun Games, Education Games, Treasure Hunt with Cycling, Bali

Group Event History

Bali Cycling Treasure Hunt Game

Fondaco Singapore Pte Ltd is a renowned dental equipment manufacturer founded in Singapore in 1984. Furthermore, their crew of 23 people visited Bali for a holiday while participating in the beautiful team-building program. This group arrived on October 25, 2013, and went to a private villa in Seminyak, Bali. They then proceed to a private BBQ in a 5-bedroom estate. The following day, October 26, 2013, they look forward to participating in our exciting team-building exercise. We created the Bali Treasure Hunt Games, including a cycling and rafting adventure.

It was a fantastic, challenging day for them to paddle down the mountain bike through the rice fields and Balinese village. They also go to a temple and participate in team-building activities. Our creative teams create all of the games.

White Water Rafting Experience

We drive them to the rafting start point after lunch to commence their exciting journey. They can paddle the gorgeous Ayung River for 8 kilometers while overcoming the significant challenges of three rapid levels. They then shower and return to the hotel for the complimentary program. Meanwhile, they make their way to the airport on the final day. Fondaco Singapore is a valued customer of ours. Bali Group Organizer has effectively organized, and this experience has also become one of our group references for 2013. It is worthwhile for you to consider using our event services.

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