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Experience Bedugul Bali Treetop Adventure Face to Fair Team Building

Astra Zeneca, Garden Team Building, Team Building, Face to Fare Theme, Bali Tree Top Adventures Game, Fun Games, Make a Line, Education Games, Group Event, Bali
Event Date 19 January 2014
Customer Astra Zeneca
Category Incentive Travel
Astra Zeneca, Garden Team Building, Team Building, Ice Breaking Games, Face to Fare Theme, Bali Tree Top Adventures Game, Fun Games, Education Games, Group Event, Bedugul, Bali

Astra Zeneca Group Event History

Astra Zeneca, a well-known biopharmaceutical business focusing on worldwide research, understands the value of cohesive teams. Its Jakarta branch planned a memorable incentive trip to Bali. They mixed business meetings with energizing outdoor activities. This tactical choice sought to re-energize and inspire their entire workforce. And also it strengthens their competitive edge in the international market.

Meanwhile, the Bali Group Organizer organized an exclusive Team team-building program for them. We have conducted this event in Bali Treetop Adventure Botanical Garden with a theme of Face-to-Fair. Our team has designed the activities to blend with the Treetop Adventure Park effortlessly.

The spectacular success of AstraZeneca attests to our dedication to planning extraordinary events. After successfully facilitating this event, AstraZeneca joined our list of group references in 2014. It has demonstrated our capacity to offer top-notch services for your upcoming undertakings.

AstraZeneca Group’s Bali Treetop Adventure Itinerary

Group Arrival

Our team warmly greeted the AstraZeneca Group upon their arrival at 09:00 a.m. after a long drive from Nusa Dua. The quintessential Balinese hospitality was displayed as they were given a delicious coffee break with handcrafted Balinese pastries.

Dynamic Start with Ice-Breaking Session

The event starts with a rousing ice-breaking session, essential to energize attendees in the calm atmosphere of the Botanical Garden. Our professional game master assumes control and directs a series of engaging games to awaken and engage participants to prepare them for the day’s events.

Embrace Challenges in AstraZeneca’s Team Building

Our captivating team-building programs entice participants to participate in our spectacular games. These meticulously designed games were created with the group’s subject and goals in mind, encouraging an atmosphere of fair competition and guaranteeing a pleasurable experience for everyone.

Treetop Adventure Park

At the Treetop Journey Park, various thrilling challenges await through five circuits and 72 attractions, set out on the ultimate journey. Participants have lots of possibilities to have fun, from the flying fox and monkey track to the Tarzan jump, Railway Bridge, big step, uphill fishing net, parrot ladder, and beyond. As the day ends, our debriefing session offers insightful advice that directs them toward success and goal achievement.

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