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Event Date 05 – 08 May 2014
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Fairview International School, Bali Education Trip, Balinese Culture, Balinese Traditional Instrument Lesson, Balinese Gamelan, Bali

Fairview International School Group Event History

Fairview International School is one of the most prominent international schools in Malaysia. They came to Bali with 188 students from the entire campus of this country. The purpose of the visit is exclusive education trip activitiesBali Group Organizer is proud to arrange the student tour program with a comprehensive student tour agenda. They can learn about local culture, join adventures, and social community services. Also, they can interact with local people and sightseeing. They have taken four days for activities in Bali. It started with arriving at Denpasar Airport and returning them to Kuala Lumpur with memorable experiences.

Students can immerse themselves in various experiences during their stay, from engaging academics and exhilarating excursions to social community activities and insightful contacts with local populations. Through this comprehensive curriculum, they could learn more about and appreciate Bali’s rich cultural heritage.

Exploring Bali’s Rich Culture and Learning Opportunities


Fairview International School students began an educational adventure on the first day of their Bali Student Tours. They started by exploring the fascinating mangrove forest. Students had the chance to connect with nature and learn about the significance of mangrove restoration. Afterward, they visit art museums to learn more about the cultures.


Students actively participated in community service projects, working with local people to build chicken coops and road repair. They collaborated with the community to make significant changes in the village. This practical experience emphasized the value of compassion and generosity. It also promoted a more profound comprehension of social responsibility. Students participated in Balinese traditions in addition to their community service, which increased their understanding of the island’s rich history.

Beyond the previous events, there was more cultural discovery in Bali. It includes interactions with local artists. Students learned about the subtle aspects of Balinese traditions and cultures.


The students were excited to learn more about Bali’s famous sites and cultural treasures as they set out on an exploring day.  On the third day, they explored the island’s rich history and stunning natural beauty.

They enjoyed the final sightseeing at the legendary Tanah Lot Temple. It is a magnificent sea temple on the top of a rocky ledge. The temple’s distinctive architecture and seamless blending of spirituality and nature captured the students’ attention.

Romantic Dinner on Jimbaran Beach

The students finished their fantastic trip on the island of Bali with a sumptuous seafood grill meal at Jimbaran.

The students enjoyed the culinary treats and friendships developed over their schooling while laughing and conversing. The supper at Jimbaran Beach served as a poignant moment of contemplation as the stars appeared in the night sky. It was the culmination of events that had enlarged their perspectives and left a lasting impression on their hearts.

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