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Bali Group Organizer is your reliable event organizer to organize your group events in Bali and other regions in Indonesia. We committed to provides best quality services with comprehensive ranges of group event arrangements those are all outlined on our website. Bali Group Organizer is stand tall and strong and always ready to provide the best for you to make every group event successfully. We are here and ready to help you to make your group event as you would expect from planning, customized events, budgeting up to final implementation.

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  • Bali ConferencesBali Group Organizer is proud to arrange your conference events in Bali with excellent works supported by professional teams
  • Bali MeetingsBali Group Organizer provides update meeting packages in several hotels in Bali Island
  • Bali Tradition Art PerformancesBali Group Organizer provides attractive Balinese Tradition Art Performances for your group events in Bali
  • Bali SeminarsBali Group Organizer is proud to arrange the seminar events in Bali set in best choice hotels or meeting rooms
  • Bali Function Theme DinnerBali Group Organizer provides best selection of theme dinner for your group functions in Bali
  • Bali EntertainmentsBali Group Organizer provides complete entertainemts for your group events in Bali from modern until traditional performances
  • Bali Corporate Social Responsibility Bali Group Organizer is delighted to arrange the Corporate Social Responsibility programs for your group events in Bali
  • Bali Teambuilding ProgramsBali Group Organizer provides complete teambuilding programs includes indoor and outdoor as well as outbound packages
  • Bali Golf TournamentsBali Group Organizer provides best golf courses for golf tournaments in Bali Island
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Our Foundations

  1. High technology with latest equipments to support speed, effectiveness and efficiency in communication are our primary basis to execute the events.
  2. Professional database management by our creative, innovative and well mannered personnel, are our precious and endless assets.
  3. Proactive and open communications among departments are the key to facilitate company management.
  4. Pre-co meeting and rehearsal is a must for our personnel to stabilize the event implementation by understanding their job description and specification completely.


MICE, Meeting, Conferences, Bali


We are perform your meetings and conferences successfully. Please see MORE...
Incentive Group


We are professionally handling incentive group with attractive, programs and see MORE..
Bali, Outbound, Team Building


We assign outbound and team building activities that create strong teamwork, see MORE..


Education Trips, Bali


We are glad to arrange the special education trip programs and see MORE…
Bali, Golf Tournaments


We arrange your golf tournaments at the appointed best golf course, see MORE…
CSR, Corporate Social Responsibility


We assign the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), MORE ...
Bali, Sport Events


We perform your international and national either local sport events and see More...
Bali, Unique, Tours


We drive your group to the unique tour activities in Bali and please see MORE ...
Bali, Entertainments


We provides special functions, entertainments and MORE ...



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