Sanur Village Festival 2019

Sanur Village Festival 2019 with spectacular opening session

Sanur Village Festival 2019 with Theme of Glorifying Bamboo for Life Will Give Surprise to Visitors

Sanur Village Festival 2019 makes Bali proud of its unique and noble culture. And that reason is making the tourist come to this island of the gods. In line with that, Sanur has an interesting festival to visit. The Sanur Village Festival 2019 run five days followed by the pre-event and post-event program. Sanur Village Festival (SVF) is a community event founded by the Sanur Development Foundation (SDF). It is a combination of several large-scale activities. The activities include food festivals, creative economy exhibitions, various contests and competitions, art and cultural attractions.

Sanur in the History of Tourism Development

The Sanur Development Foundation (SDF) was founded in 1965 by around 22 prominent figures. At that time, Sanur had launched one of the fastest-growing tourist areas in Bali. The development of tourism causes friction in the middle of an economy and socio-cultural motives. It is between modern and traditional patterns of life. This fact encouraged the founders of SDF to provide a forum. Furthermore, this forum could connect the interests of members with the insurance industry. And also other parties who have interests in Sanur.

Sanur Development Foundation

SDF is a place for solving various local issues. It includes security, environmental cleanliness, cultural preservation as well as community economic empowerment. SDF has a principle that industrial development must be accompanied by an increasing the local economy. And also, it followed by environment protection, tradition, and culture. Therefore, SDF organizes various activities aimed at increasing citizen participation in tourism activities.

Sanur Village Festival Event

Sanur Village Festival is one of the culture and tourism activities since 2005. This 14th Annual Sanur Village Festival 2019 for the Bali and Indonesia tourism calendar. This annual festival has been held on 21-25 August 2019 at Pantai Matahari Terbit Sanur. Meanwhile, the theme of this event is Dharmaning Gesing – the glorifying of bamboo. It reflects the Balinese appreciation of bamboo’s role in daily life. It is used in religious ceremonies and an important element in building architecture. So, the festival explores bamboo as part of Sanur community’s spirit of creativity.

The awareness of its existence is expected to encourage togetherness and sense of family. And also, its respects and protecting the environment and inspire the community creativity. At this time, there are 2 stages available in Sanur Village Festival. It aims to perform the entertainments includes a variety of traditional arts, fashion, and music. The kind of music is featuring local and outside musicians in Bali.

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What You Can Discover on Sanur Village Festival 2019?

Meanwhile, Sanur Village Festival 2019 offers many interesting things for tourists. One of them is Fiesta Culinary. We can discover the various vendors selling street food to hotels and 5-star restaurants. All of them are presented on a delicious food bazaar. And also, this festival presents the performance of traditional arts and culture. This culture has come from all over the island as well as other parts of the archipelago. They also involve a colossal ballet or traditional Balinese ballet. Meanwhile, a contemporary art party presents body painting, fruit carving, art and photography exhibitions. AT the other hands, we can discover fun matches and sports competitions. Those activities include marathon running, futsal, tennis, golf, surfing, windsurfing, fishing, traditional boats and more.

What to Present at Sanur Village Festival 2019?

Sanur Village Festival 2019 also presents environmental actions. Furthermore, it covers social activities includes environmental awareness education activities. A green life campaign has also been held involving local residents and tourists. Sanur Village has located 17 km from I Gusti Ngurah Rai airport. Many accommodations are available such as hotels, resorts, villas, and bungalows. In addition, we can easily find beautiful shops, mini markets, bars, cafes as well as restaurants. All of them support tourism facilities. Meanwhile, the transportation is complete including taxi. Moreover, motorcycle rental and car rental service are also available. One of the collaborations will be presented on the opening night. The last is the collaboration of jazz musician Indra Lesmana with artist I Nyoman Windha. They play together with the Jegog who uses bamboo instruments.

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