Bali Emergency Rescue – Hospitals

Bali Emergency Rescue – Hospitals

During vacations on Bali Island you should also aware of Bali emergency aids if something happened on your holiday. The islan is a beautiful place featured by the amazing panoramic natures, friendly people with unique cultures and complete tourist facilities that make it as a perfect tourist destination in the world. This country is very safe to visit supported by the local community who has the high alert of safety and security. Bali Group Organizer is proud to provide the recommended list of hospital and rescue number for your references just in case any emergency occur during your lovely holidays in this paradise island.

Safety and Rescue Number in Bali

Emergency Call Number 112
All numbers are local. From overseas dial international access.
Police112 or (+62 – 361 – 112)
Fire Department113 or (+62 – 361 – 113)
Ambulance118 or (+62 – 361 – 118)
Search and Rescue+62 – 361 – 751111
International SOS Medica Clinic+62 – 361 – 710505
Bali International Medical Center ( BIMC )+62 – 361 – 761263

Operator Assistant Calls

Within Indonesia:100
Directory Telephone Number Information
Bali:108 or (+62-361-108)
Indonesia:106 or (+62-106)

Bali Hospitals

surya, hospital, bali

Surya Husadha Hospital

Surya Husadha Hospital Bali is one of the biggest private hospitals in the island to response as Bali Emergency Rescue point when any emergency cases in this island. It began from an ENT Clinic which established in 1982. Based on society demand of higher healthy quality services, on 24th February 1987, this hospital officially established and addressed… Continue Reading

siloam hospital, siloam hospital bali, hospital bali, emergency rescue, siloam bali, hospital, building

Siloam Hospital Bali – Emergency Rescue

Siloam Hospital Bali is one of the hospital under Siloam Hospital Group available in Bali to response Bali Emergency Rescue issue and provide luxury hospital room with dedicated medical treatment services. Siloam Hospitals Group (Siloam) is the leader in integrated healthcare services in Indonesia. Currently, Siloam operates 20 hospitals with a total capacity of more than 3,900… Continue Reading

sanglah hospital, hospital bali, bali emergency, rescue, sanglah, hospital, bali, emergency

Sanglah Hospital Bali Emergency Rescue

The biggest public hospital in Bali Island called Sanglah Hospital Bali located at Denpasar town. This hospital is a center of Bali Emergency Rescue located in the center of Denpasar City. It was built in 1956 and was inaugurated on December 30, 1959 with a capacity of 150 beds. In 1978 became a teaching hospital… Continue Reading

prima medika, prima medika hospital, hospital bali, emergency rescue

Prima Medika Hospital – Bali Emergency Rescue

Emergency Rescue at Center of Bali, Prima Medika Prima Medika Hospital Bali is the new paradigm hospital in Bali. It is a hospital as Bali Emergency Rescue spot located in central of Bali Province, 10 minutes from Ngurah Rai International Airport. We began in the middle of 2002, offering complete integrated hospital services with cutting… Continue Reading

kasih ibu hospital, hospital bali, bali emergency rescue, kasih, ibu, hospital, bali

Kasih Ibu Hospital – Bali Emergency Rescue

Bali Emergency Rescue, Kasih Ibu Hospital Kasih Ibu Hospital Bali  is one of the leading private hospitals located in Denpasar City and become of Bali Emergency Rescue spot when any emergency cases in the island. It is founded in 1987 and become a reference center in eastern Indonesia and references for international patients (tourist). This hospital management has successfully… Continue Reading

international sos, sos bali, bali emergency, emergency rescue, sos, hospital

International SOS

International SOS Bali has been established in 1985 by offering a full range of assistance services to corporations and individuals. Our clients include organisations with operations in Indonesia: energy, mining and large-scale construction, finance, banking and insurance trading, NGO, retail, and travel and tourism. Individual members include expatriates and their families and local employees. International SOS Assistance Center and Services Our… Continue Reading

bimc, bimc hospital, hospital bali, bali, medical, hospital, bimc, international

BIMC Hospital

BIMC Hospital Bali is one of the biggest private hospitals in Bali provides international medical treatment services. BIMC or Bali International Medical Center is under BIMC HOSPITAL Group delivers international standards of care for residents and tourists in Bali while establishing the island as a world-class medical tourism destination. The hospital provides a multitude of comprehensive services… Continue Reading

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Bali Med Hospital – Emergency Rescue

On of the emergency rescue called Bali Med Hospital is a spot for those who need emergency and rescue care. We realize there are still limitations/medical services that are enable to care and health systems support under one roof, 57 specialists from various fields of medical science together in one spirit, to be able to… Continue Reading

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Bali General Hospitals

Bali General Hospital is important information for emergency rescue on the island.  We guide you to find a hospital in case you need emergency help during your vacation in Bali. You will find a list of hospitals throughout Bali Island to facilitate you find the nearest medical centre from your stay. Bali Island is one… Continue Reading

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