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sanglah hospital3The biggest public hospital in Bali Island called Sanglah Hospital Bali located at Denpasar town. This hospital is a center of Bali Emergency Rescue located in the center of Denpasar City. It was built in 1956 and was inaugurated on December 30, 1959 with a capacity of 150 beds. In 1978 became a teaching hospital as type B. In the development Sanglah experienced several changes in status, in 1993 the hospital became self-financing (Minister of Health Decree No. 1133 / Menkes / SK / VI / 1994). Then in 1997 became the Hospital non-tax revenues (non-tax state revenue). In 2000 changed its status Perjan (Company Bureau) in accordance with government regulations in 2000. Finally in 2005 turned into PPK BLU (RI Kepmenkes NO.1243 2005 Date August 11, 2005).  It is one of the recommended hospital in Bali when you got any emergency or medical care needed.

A Center of Bali Emergency Rescue

As with any other organization, Sanglah Hospital also has a vision as a direction that will be addressed, be seeded in the field of Hospital Services, Education and Research National and International level. In realizing this vision Sanglah in providing services always strive with every effort that the prime ministry so as to satisfy the people who need the service. Moreover Sanglah Hospital is the main referral hospital for the region Bali, NTB and NTT. Besides, Sanglah also always give priority to the empowerment of its resources in order to generate superior in education and medical research, health and nursing.

Sanglah Hospital organizational structure consists of: 

1. The Directorate of Medical and Nursing
2. The Directorate of Human Resources
3. Finance Directorate.
4. The General Directorate and Operations
5. The non-structural units.


General Hospital Sanglah has a land area: 13.5 ha, with a total building area: 55129.65 m2, wide Other facilities: 69925.80 m2.
Number of beds: 702 TT
Electricity: Network PLN Capacity: 2,300 KVA, genzet: 1,815 KVA
Communication: Telephone (PABX) and Nurse Call: 2 pieces
Radio call: 40 pieces
SIMRS: 1 piece
Water Source: PAM: 5 points, Drilling: 3 pieces, Reservoir: 4 pieces
Medical gases: 3 units
Wastewater Treatment Facility: Incenerator: 2 pieces, WWTP: 2 pieces
Fire Prevention means: Alarm: 12 Light Fire extinguisher: 212, Fire Hydrant: 37

Sanglah Hospital Location

Jalan Diponegoro Denpasar Bali (80114)

Tel. (0361) 227911-15, 225 482, Fax. (0361) 224206

Email:, Website:

Customer Complaints: 0361-8011234

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