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Balinese people is a population who stay in Bali Island, speak Balinese language and follow the local cultures. This population is also well known as Krama Bali who populating the island  based on the census of 2001 has reached 3.156.392 resident. Balinese it self is not stay in Bali Island but also spread out through Indonesian island. Bali race is a group of community banded by the awareness or oneness of culture those are marked uniquely. The Balinese Traditional is much banded by the social live aspect like conduct the pray in the temple, to place in the certain area together etc which is most called by Desa Kala Patra. The Balinese were not able to develop and sustain their extremely complex agricultural economy for centuries on end without a very organized community structure.

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Strong Social Organization System

The basis of the agriculture group is called called Subak meanwhile the community system is called Banjar. Everyone who owns a rice paddy must join the Subak in their village. The Subak organization controls who will plant rice and when (plantings are staggered so that pestilence is minimized). As well and more importantly, the Subak ensures that all farmers receive their fair share of irrigation water since traditionally the head the Subak was the farmer whose field was at the bottom of the hill and water first had to pass through everybody else’s field before it was allowed to irrigate his. The other important community structure is the Banjar that organizes all other aspects of Balinese life (i.e. marriages, cremations, community service, festivals and the like). Meetings are held at a large open-air building called the Bale Banjar.

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