Heavy Rain Made Jakarta Flooding

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Heavy Rain Made Jakarta Flooding

BALI NEWS: It had reported that within 2 hours of heavy rain that flush DKI Jakarta region from afternoon to evening causing inundation in 28 streets. Based on monitoring data from Regional Disaster Management Agency Operation Control Center Team (BPBD) of Jakarta, West Jakarta is the most stagnant area. There are 22 point in various road section in western area of this capital city.The highest inundation is on Jalan Patra Raya with height about 60-70cm. While on Jalan Kyai Tapa in front of Trisakti University, West Jakarta, the water level reached 10-20 cm. Likewise on Jalan S Parman in front of Tarumanegara University, the water level reached 30 up to 40 cm.

Jakarta Flooding Photos


Bali News – Jakarta Flooding

While, in South Jakarta area it had noted that the inundation in Semanggi is about 15-20cm. The stagnant also arise on Jalan Gatot Subroto with water level about 20-30cm. There is also a fallen tree happened on Jalan Gatot Subroto in front of Balai Kartini. Also in North Jakarta area, there are 3 inundation point occurred on Jalan Jembatan Tiga Pluit, Kampung Gusti and Kapuk Muara Raya with various water level start from 5-20cm.

Central Jakarta area is also did not escape from inundation exactly on Jalan Tentara Pelajar is stagnant with water level 10-15cm. By the observation of BPBD DKI Jakarta, the stagnant area is still can be passed by vehicles.

Water Conditions

Until 17.00 WIB, BPBD Jakarta release that the dam height aree from Katulampa until Pluit reservoir. These are the height of floodgate in Jakarta:

1. Katulampa 80 cm/G
2. Depok 125 cm/MT
3. Manggarai 670 cm/MT
4. Karet 390 cm/MT
5. Krukut Hulu 70 cm/MT
6. Pesanggrahan 80 cm/MT
8. Cipinang Hulu 85 cm/MT
9. Sunter Hulu 50 cm/MT
10. PuloGadung 360 cm/MT
11. Waduk Pluit -190 cm/MT
12. Pasar Ikan 147 cm/MT

The regional of Jakarta and surrounding area started to flushed by rain since last month, but currently is not entering the rainy season yet. It is predicted that the rainfall will be high from January until February. That time will be caused a flood in Jakarta, either because the flood from upstream Ciliwung and flooding in many streets because of the volume of water that is too large and the drains are not functioning properly.

Source: Jakarta, CNN Indonesia