Tumpek Landep – Bali Hindu Glorious Celebration

Motorbike on Tumpek Landep

Tumpek Landep, Balinese Hindu Holiday  Bali Hindu Sharpen the Main

BALI NEWS: Tumpek Landep Day is a sequence of Saraswati Day, where on this day every Hindus doing their gratitude of every blessing that has given by Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa in His manifestation as Ida Bhatara Sang Hyang Pasupati. Bali has so many feast celebrations and its ceremony. Today is one of Balinese Feast Celebration, which is commonly known as Tumpek Landep.

The difference of Saraswati Day and Tumpek Landep Day is the implementation. On Saraswati Day, every Hindus doing their gratitude to Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa for the descent of science. It has implemented through ceremonies of many knowledge sources such as lontar book, inscription, and various kind of literary sources and other knowledge. Meanwhile, on Tumpek Landep Day, every Hindus more doing gratitude to Ida Bhatara Sang Hyang Pasupati. It has endue the intelligence and perspicacity to every human being. By those minds, they can create the power of idea and intention in creating something (output) that can ease their life to reach happiness.

Tumpek Landep Day

Tumpek Landep Day held every Saniscara or Sabtu Kliwon, or based on Balinese calendar. The Balinese people celebrates this day every 210 days. The word of Tumpek itself derived from “Metu” that means meet, and “Mpek” means an end. So, Tumpek is a best meeting day between Panca Wara and Sapta Wara, where Panca Wara ends with Kliwon and Sapta Wara ends with Saniscara (Saturday). While Landep means sharp or pointed. By this thing, some heirloom that has causticity like Keris is also being purified.

Tumpek Landep Celebration is not only to purifying the sacred or hereditary things such as Keris and weaponry tools. However, it is also to purifying other things that has a positive benefit which are giving an ease for every activities in human life. Some additional things that also purified on Tumpek Landep Day are: motorcycle, car, bicycle, computer, laptop, factory machine, and etc.

For every Hindus in Bali, the most main weapon in this life is mind. It is because, the mind itself that can control everything in life. Every good and bad things started from mind. Therefore, on this Tumpek Landep Day Celebration, every people wished to always sharpen their mind through intelligence and control the mind through religion and culture regulations.

There are so many philosophies of Balinese People that interpret every single little thing that exist in their life. This also makes Bali known as unique island for every people that have ever visited in. Cultures like this that should be preserved as heritage that shows the identity and national character of this country.