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Fondaco Singapore

Fondaco Singapore Joined Bali Cycling Treasure Hunt Rafting Adventures

Fondaco Singapore Pte. Ltd,. is one of the leading dental equipment manufactures found in 1984 in Singapore. Furthermore, their staff with 23 people come to Bali for vacation while enjoy the fantastic team building program. This group arrive on 25 October 2013 come direct to the private villa in Seminyak Bali. Afterward, they continue for private BBQ in 5 Bedrooms villa. On the next day 26 October 2013, they love the fantastic day to join with our exciting team building activity. We have designed Bali Treasure Hunt Games with Cycling and Rafting Adventure. It was really brought them into the great challenge day to paddle down the mountain bike through the rice field and Balinese village. And also, they visit a temple and join the team building games. All games are well designed by our creative teams.

After having lunch, we drive them to the rafting start point to continue their fun adventure. They can explore 8 km beautiful Ayung River by paddling the rubber boat and passing the great challenges of 3 rapids level. Afterward, they take shower and back to hotel for free program. Meanwhile, On the last day, they go to the airport with their own arrangements. Fondaco Singapore is one of our value customers. Bali Group Organizer has arranged successfully and this experience also become our group references 2013. It worth for your consideration to use our event services.


25 – 27 October 2013

Fondaco Group Photos on Cycling Treasure Hunt Rafting Adventures Team Building

Fondaco Group Departure

Ice Breaking

Fondaco Group – Treasure Hunt Games with Cycling Adventures


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