Surabaya Establish New Tourism Infrastructure Icon

new tourism infrastructure icon, Surabaya Kenjeran Bridge

Surabaya Establish New Tourism Infrastructure Icon

Surabaya establish new tourism infrastructure icon by completing the bridge building stretch from Kampung Nelayan to Kenjeran Beach. The mayor of Surabaya period 2010-2015 Tri Rismaharini said that this bridge was build to gain the regional infrastructure and also become a tourism destination.“It was tested yesterday. It will be a tourism icon later on, and there will be many supporting facilities such as banana boat and other attractive things.” Said Risma when visited Tempo office in Jakarta, Tuesday December 15, 2015. – BALI NEWS.

Surabaya New Tourism Infrastructure Icon


This stunning bridge wished to be tourism icon and a new infrastructure so it will not be only ordinary bridge. Because of that, the government has built some facilities from lift installation until water fountain. The lift is connecting people to second floor and parking area. In addition, they will decorate the bridge with decorative lights. This bridge also connect Sentra Iklan Bulak (SIB) to access road to Suramadu Bridge.

Bridge with height of 20 meters above sea level also expected finished before new year eve’s 2016. This bridge also designed by Risma. “This bridge was designed by myself and it will be inaugurated next year” said Risma.