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Experienced Bali VW Safari Treasure Hunt and Rafting Adventure

cohive group, bali vw safari treasure hunt, team building
Event Date 19 July 2019
Customer Cohive
Category Incentive Travel
cohive group, bali vw safari treasure hunt

Cohive Group Event

Cohive Group, Indonesia’s largest coworking and office space provider, visits Bali for incentive activities. We have been tasked with providing team-building events. Meanwhile, we’ve created a building activity based on a treasure hunt using VW cars. The journey is fascinating because it takes them through a natural village and beautiful green rice fields. We convoy using the legendary Volkswagen and take them to an exciting sensation. This unique journey is complete with a team-building game that provides new challenges in each location we visit.

Finally, their activities reached the gorgeous Ayung River, where they experienced a 2-hour rapid rafting trip with a fast level of 2-3. So, this is one of our experiences with group gatherings that you may use as a group reference.

Cohive Group Enjoyed Bali VW Safari Treasure Hunt

We have delivered several safety briefings and motivations to all Cohive Group participants. This session has taken place in a small meeting room at their hotel. We’ve given them information regarding today’s trip and their purpose. Following that, all participants were immediately excited and enthusiastic. From their hotel, we begin the Bali VW Safari Treasure Hunt adventure. We start early in the morning and travel through a short section of Denpasar to Taman Ayun Temple. Our journey takes us through picturesque towns and lush rice paddies.

Taman Ayun Temple Exploration

They immediately explored the temple area when they arrived at Taman Ayun Temple. They have walked through lush tropical gardens and completed their mission. Furthermore, they must achieve a mission with a challenging game that we have set. In addition, they can enjoy the temple’s atmosphere with a beautiful building in this activity.

Visit Baha Village

Bali VW Safari Treasure Hunt’s activity is indeed very unique. We stopped at a resident’s house and greeted the Balinese with a cultural mission. After that, we continue the journey to Sangeh Monkey Forest through green rice fields and traditional villages with friendly villagers.

Rescue Mission in Sangeh Monkey Forest

Our team-building game continues to improve with the rescue mission of the facilitator in the middle of the forest. Upon arriving at Sangeh, all participants were pushed into the tropical forest inhabited by long-tailed monkey groups. Afterward, they completed this final mission by participating in the race games our professional game masters guided. And then, we head to a restaurant for lunch.

White Water Rafting

Rafting adventure is a closing activity by exploring the beautiful Ayung River along 8 km. All participants were happy with all the activities today. And finally, this exciting experience ends at the hotel.

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