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Experienced on Bali Cycling Treasure Hunt Rafting

Event Date 27 April 2016
Customer Ferring Pharmaceuticals
Category Incentive Travel
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Ferring Pharmaceuticals Group Event History

Ferring Pharmaceuticals Group has participated in the Bali Cycling Treasure Hunt and Rafting Activities. They came to Bali for an incentive trip with their 59 employees, including top management. After they appointed the Bali Group Organizer, we created a one-of-a-kind offsite itinerary for them. Furthermore, we began our service by collecting them at their hotel and dropping them at the cycling start point in Petang Village. Because most participants are experienced bike riders, it was a highly unique and exhilarating event. This time, we invited them to discover the natural beauty of the bike routes. The trips visited a rice field, a picturesque Balinese village, and a restaurant.

We’ve placed some clues along the road that they must find. It was an exciting experience that left them with many memories. Furthermore, it could create the excellent teamwork¬†that Ferring Pharmaceuticals needs. It is one of our customers’ team-building events. Likewise, you may also use this group event as a reference before booking our event services.

Bali Cycling Treasure Hunt Rafting

One of the fun Team Building Activities is the Bali Cycling Treasure Hunt Game. We created custom activities to fit the theme of the company’s trip. In addition, we purposefully blend Cycling Adventure and Treasure Hunt Game to provide them with out-of-the-ordinary experiences. Along the bike routes, each group faces a variety of challenges. The participants will go through the beautiful village scenery of Bongkasa village, located north of Denpasar City.

Cycling may be more thrilling because riders can observe green tropical plantations and rice fields along the trails. It was a fantastic vacation, and they must have been seeking the Treasure Hunt hint along the way.

Amazing Race Games

Race games are one of the unique aspects of this team-building agenda. Our Game Master leads this Amazing Race Game on a field, and participants must compete to win. We present some enjoyable games as a challenge to score as many points as possible.

White Water River Rafting

The final activity is a whitewater rafting trip. Paddling a rubber canoe along the 8-kilometer-long Ayung River is a fascinating activity. This trip is thrilling since each participant can appreciate the fresh air and lovely landscape along the rafting route. The adventure on the river with three-level rapids is exciting. We paddle boats and explore challenging rapids with professional river guides.

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