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Event Date 16 June 2016
Customer Hotelbeds
Category Incentive Travel

Hotelbeds Group Event History

Hotelbeds Group, one of the world’s biggest travel technology companies, brought 27 employees to Bali for an incentive trip. During their journey, they have cooperated with a Bali Group Organizer to plan a Beach Team team-building activity. Furthermore, we have successfully delivered unique Beach team-buildingĀ events at Tanjung Benoa Beach. All participants were delighted to participate in this activity, providingĀ them with enjoyment, learning, and togetherness. Furthermore, a significant consequence of our team development is the creation ofĀ solid teamwork to attain their goals.

Activities on Tanjung Benoa Beach

The group enjoyed participating in Beach Team team-building activities at Sakala Hotel Beach. The weather was perfect, and there was a long white sandy beach to play the games. We have run eight beach team-building games that are completely enjoyable, educational, and safe. Our Team Building Programs for Hotelbeds aim to inspire group participants to learn by doing. Also, they can improve communication skills, leadership, discipline, self-confidence, and much more. Moreover, it can establish solid teamwork to boost productivity and achieve goals. As is usual, we offer a three-phase gaming session that comprises Ice Breaking, Competition Race, and Olympic Phase.

Ice Breaking Session

This is an introductory session to promote and warm the mood. It also helps to form a small group to compete against other groups. In this lesson, our Game Master delivers training using three different sorts of games.

Amazing Race Games

Our Game Master assigns challenges to all groupsĀ to complete the game effectively and swiftly. In this session, speed and strong teamwork are essential. They must participate in these enjoyable race games. However, the importance of achieving goals should not be overlooked.

Olympic Game

This is a water play sessionĀ full of challenges and sacrifice. Each group must complete each task by fighting as hard as possible. The key to winning is the willingness to sacrifice to achieve the primary goal.

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