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Japanese Group Kitagawa Party Enjoyed Bali Yogyakarta Tours

Bali yogyakarta tours Japanese Kitagawa Group
Event Date 23 – 26 June 2012
Customer Kitagawa Party
Category Family Travel
Japanese Group, Kitagawa, Bali Yogyakarta Tours

Group Event History

Kitagawa Party, a Japanese group of 45 people, has chosen Bali and Yogyakarta as their favorite vacation. Mr. Kitagawa has also led the group on trips to the island and Yogyakarta. We have organized a complete group program, which will be led by our Japanese staff (Ms. Nobuko Stukui). The group arrived on June 23, 2012, and flew back on June 26, 2012. They are all satisfied and impressed. They have also had beautiful adventures in Yogyakarta, where they discovered Borobudur and Prambanan Temple, and in Bali, they participated in an exhilarating excursion to Ubud.

This Japanese Kitagawa Group is one of our satisfied customers, and it has also become one of our group references in 2012 for your consideration in using our services.

Japanese Group Kitagawa Party Experience on Bali and Yogyakarta Tours

Kitagawa Party, a Japanese group, is joining their Bali Tours and Yogyakarta Tours programs by visiting several tourist attractions in Bali and beyond. This party also saw and joined Bali Yogyakarta tours by visiting Prambanan Temple, Borobudur Temple, Merapi Vulcano, and Yogyakarta Palace.

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