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Event Date 09 May 2011
Customer Philthy Group
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Philthy Group, Turtle Island

Group Event History

The Philthy Group, from Australia, organized a thrilling Bali aquatic sports day on the lovely Tanjung Benoa beach. Under the direction of Mr. Luke Schmidt, the group, made up entirely of boys, participated in a wide range of water sports. These outdoor adventures were filled with pure joy, which came to a suitable conclusion with a friendly beach volleyball match. Around 5:00 PM, the day’s events ended as the sunset, and the group was carried back safely to their accommodations.

Philthy Group has become one of our pleased customers, and the Bali Group Organizer expertly managed the event. They now hold a position as a result of their notable success.

Bali Marine Sport

Bali Marine Sport, famous among travellers looking for thrilling encounters, offers an enticing aquatic adventure on the alluring Bali Island. The Philthy Group eagerly participated in various beach activities, such as parasailing, an unforgettable trip to Turtle Island, banana boat rides, jet ski excursions, and more. One of the tour’s notable benefits was observing turtle conservation activities on a lovely island in Tanjung Benoa, Bali.

At Tanjung Benoa beach, they boarded a local speedboat headed for Turtle Island to begin their tour. They could interact with and learn about these beautiful creatures thanks to the immersive experience. The participants enjoyed a well-earned moment of leisure on the beach after engaging in Bali Marine Sport and the informative Turtle Island trip.

Unwinding After Bali Marine Sport Activities

All participants enjoyed a well-earned respite after enthusiastic participation in the Bali Marine sport and the instructive Turtle Island trip. The serene beach environment made for the perfect setting for slow moments of relaxation and a fun beer time. They enjoyed the experience, companionship, and natural beauty during their break, which made their voyage even more unforgettable.

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