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Experience Bali ATV Riding Treasure Hunt Team Building

Singapore Software Company First Incentive Trip Experience on ATV Ride
Event Date31 January 2015
CustomerSingapore Software Company
CategoryIncentive Travel
Bali ATV Ride

Group Event History

Singapore Software Company, with 15 employees, is one of our clients who has used us for their incentive travel programs. Bali Group Organizer offers the fun Treasure Hunt Team Building with ATV Riding. The fantastic experiences begin with the hotel pick-up service and continue to the ATV Riding starting point. Then, we carried out the Garden Team Building activity. All participants appreciate our training programs because it provides fun, challenges, learning, and a sense of community. Meanwhile, we have served them our top-quality services to ensure all activities run correctly.


We conduct a brief ice-breaker activity to warm them up before embarking on the problematic treasure hunt games involving ATV riding. We have introduced them to engaging games to help them bond and get to know one another.

Amazing Race Games

We begin with the great race games after we warm up. We immerse children in enjoyable, engaging activities that are full of obstacles. They must focus on quick, efficient work, communication, and excellent teamwork to attain the goals. We have some great race games that will make them joyful and enjoyable.

ATV Riding

Exploring the natural wonders of rice fields, little rivers, and jungles is a fantastic journey. They are surprised by this activity because it is a new experience for them.

Lunch and Close the Game

After finishing the activities, they dine at a restaurant with a lovely view of the rice paddies. We returned them to their hotel after lunch to conclude our services.

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