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The Lawn Canggu
Experience on Fantastic Beach Team-building Activity

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Event Date19 December 2018
CustomerThe Lawn Canggu
CategoryIncentive Travel
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The Lawn Canggu Group Event History

The Lawn Canggu is a famous beach bar where group team-building is held. The restaurant has fantastic views of the Indian Ocean. They have mandated the Bali Group Organizer to guide their staff and managers in beach team-building activities. This exciting performance was held to coincide with the company’s anniversary. Furthermore, beach team building activities were held in their bar area and beach in front of it. This is truly an exciting and fun activity where all participants are excited and cheerful and enjoy it.

Moreover, the focus on corporate goals is the core of this activity. We have awakened their enthusiasm to build solid teamwork in completing every game we provide. On the other hand, they have shown high willingness in every struggle during the game.

In addition, team building activities carried out by staff and management of The Lawn Canggu are proof that we are indeed a proven event planner. Their experience has brought them together and created a harmonious relationship between them.

Beach Team Building Experience by The Lawn Canggu

Beach team building activities by staff and management from The Lawn Canggu were successfully held on December 19, 2018. They came with 100 participants who were all young and energetic. Because the participants in this activity were quite large, we divided them into three different places to play together.

Ice Breaking

We gave warm-up sessions to all participants to encourage their enthusiasm. They mingled into a large group and made small groups while showing their cheers.

Competition Phase of Beach Team Building

In this phase, we provide several competitive games. Furthermore, they are required to be able to complete the game and win it to get more prominent points. Besides that, this game also requires honesty, communication, teamwork, and focus on goals.

Olympic Games

On the other hand, staff from The Lawn Canggu also enjoyed the Olympic Games activities that we designed using seawater. Furthermore, they are fully demanded to sacrifice for the goals they will achieve. So, even the bare and sandy clothes are not an obstacle for them.

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