Bali Group References 2017

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For your further reference, what Bali Group Organizer had done

Bali Group References 2017 establish group experiences during 2017 handled by Bali Group Organizer. As one of the best event organizers in Bali, we have provides our best quality services for all group requests. hence all group event was successful. Our professional teams have worked hard to transform every single group request and perform it into a proper result. We showcase our integrity and are well communicated to understand our customer’s needs. And also, we work out the step of the event accurately and efficiently. Therefore, all our group experiences in 2017 achieve a 100% satisfactory record. Let’s see Group references in 2017!

List of Bali Group References 2017

Temasek International Pte Ltd – VW Safari, Rafting and Cooking Competition

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Temasek International Pte Ltd is an investment company headquartered in Singapore with 80 people staff to Bali for an incentive trip. They have appointed us to arrange a unique full-day outdoor activity during their business trip to this island. We have provided a perfect combination of outdoor activities from morning to late afternoon. Furthermore…

ITMF Conference Bali 2017

tanah lot tour, itmf, itmf conference

ITMF Conference Bali 2017 is successfully running and attended by more than 300 delegates. This group’s participants are coming from all over the world. PT Dyandra Promosindo arranged this conference in the middle of September 2017. Luckily Bali group Organizer is appointed us as a local ground handling for the land tour arrangement. Furthermore…

Abbott Laboratories(S) Pte Ltd – VW Safari Treasure Hunt and Rafting

visit balinese house, baha village, abbott laboratories, abbott

Abbott Laboratories(S) Pte Ltd is one of our customers from Singapore who join Village VW Safari Treasure Hunt Team Building and Rafting. They come to Bali for a business trip with 11 people and enjoy our treasure hunt game on 05 September 2017. Village VW Safari Treasure Hunt Team Building and Rafting is a perfect outdoor activity package to combine treasure hunt games and rafting adventure. Furthermore.

Global Scor Life Insurance Enjoy Beach Team Building

scor global, scor global life, team building, beach team building

Our customer from Global Scor Life, an independent insurance company with 40 people on staff come to Bali for a business trip. Among their business agendas, we have provided beach team building for all group participants with 7 fun games on the beautiful beach of Nusa Dua. It takes 3 hours to build strong and solid teamwork led by our professional game master as well as well-trained facilitators. Furthermore.

Jetpart Engineering Group – Jatiluwih VW Safari Expedition

vw safari, jetpart, jetpart engineering

This is one of our customers who have experience on the fantastic Jatiluwih VW Safari Tour. This tour program is an offsite activity during their internal meeting at Pan Pacific Hotel. They come with 40 people from all over the world including Indonesia have successfully conducted the meeting for a couple of days in the resort. They have appointed us as their local event organizer to arrange the offsite activity for their group participant. Furthermore.

Logitech Hong Kong Group Experience VW Safari Treasure Hunt and Rafting

bali group references 2017 vw village safari, logitech, logitech group, logitech hong kong

Logitech Hong Kong is of the biggest software and hardware companies that come with 166 people to Bali for corporate meeting and leisure. Meanwhile, Bond up Creative Co. Ltd is one of our partners to organize this group trip. They have appointed Bali Group Organizer to arrange this group event. We have designed a unique off-site activity with exciting experiences for all group participants. Furthermore … Group Experience on Uluwatu Kecak Dance Tour

bali agro tourism, coffee plantations, ikay, ikay group Group is one of our customers coming from Malaysia and joining a corporate meeting in Bali Island. Among off-site programs, we have arranged an exciting tour to visit Uluwatu Temple and watch a spectacular Balinese Kecak Dance. The group participants of 33 people look excited to join our tour program. Meanwhile, our professional tour guide leads them to visit a sacred Hindu temple set on the cliff bank with a deep coral beach underneath. Furthermore …

Singapore Software Company Second Experiences

bali group references 2017 suluban beach, Singapore Software Company group

Singapore Software Company is a security Software Company based in Singapore that has a second experience with Bali trips at the beginning of 2017. Furthermore, this Singapore Software Company Second Experience has taken them into the exciting experiences to explore Bali with 33 staff. Meanwhile, our company has been reappointed to organize the group agendas during their trip to this island of God. Furthermore.

MERCK Bali Incentive Meeting

bali group references 2017 bali uluwatu, uluwatu kecak, uluwatu kecak fire dance

MERCK Bali Incentive Meeting is one of the incentive trip programs to Bali by MERCK, a global healthcare company. They came with 17 senior managers and conducted an internet meeting at Laguna Resort on Bali Island. Bali Group Organizer as one of the reliable event planners on this island has been trusted to handle this group for leisure activities during the busy times of meetings. Furthermore…

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