J&T Express – Beach Team Building

J&T Express – Beach Team Building

J&T Express Jakarta – Bali Beach Team Building

J&T Express is one of the popular expedition and delivery companies who have experienced beach team building activity at Kuta Beach. On this stage, our customers from J&T Express in Jakarta come with 20 people to Bali for incentive trip handled by JW Travel. Bali Group Organizer is proud to provide our beach team building for them on a beautiful beach of Kuta. Our beach team building has taken them to build strong and solid teamwork. We have motivated them with great spirit, challenges, and competition through fun games. Meanwhile, our game master professionally leads them on the games within 3 hours with successfully ending. It is one of our group references in 2018 where you can also discover other group references HERE.

Event Date: 17 January 2018

J&T Express Group Photos

Ice Breaking Session

We invite the J&T Express group participant to join our icebreaking after arriving on spot. They come with 20 young people with full energy power for fun beach games. We start to lead the game through 3 fun ice breaking.

Competition Phase

It is coming more enthusiasts after last ice-breaking session. We have provided 4 great challenge games on this competition phase. They have competed each other to get the goal setting led by our professional games master and well trained facilitators.

Olympic Phase

After completing the competition phase, we encourage them to join the fantastic Olympic Games. We have provided 2 fun games using seawater.

Closing of Beach Team Building

After the games have done, we provide the evaluation for J&T Express group during the game activities. They have performed good progress on teamwork, communication, motivation and focus on goals. We also give them a review of their weakness for their improvement. Therefore, our beach team building is a proper response for a company who has similar experiences against the employee.

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